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This is possibly the most exciting news I will be sharing for the next few months, and helps excuse the lack of posts, - I am moving. If you've read my blog regularly you're probably thinking "didn't you move a few months ago?"...well yes I did. I moved into a houseshare (for those of you who don't know its simply a house shared between 3/4 people, however you're typically living strangers), but that part of my life is coming to an end. It taught me a lot but in hindsight it hasn't been for me. The next chapter is bound to be way more exciting - moving into an actual flat. Flat-hunting in various locations, interior shopping and everything else has to be one of the most exciting things to spend your weekends doing. Downtime is unfortunately off the cards for a while - it's all planning, work and preparing from here. So for now - lets enjoy some homeware inspiration for the impending move. 

The Living Room has been established as the most important part - it's most likely going to be the main room we host anything in. The sofa has been bought (guilty of going for the inordinately expensive one purely because it was "softer" than that of the prior). We initially had to settle on a theme and our theme was neutrals. Stone, beige, brown, dark wood - you name it, we have some how planned to incorporate it. The best places we have found for homeware for our living room at fairly reasonable prices are: The Range, HomeSense and Matalan. These places offer some great bits for half the price you would pay at similar places such as John Lewis or Next, they're literally half the price. Great for any of you who are on a budget. However for the luxuries we have found The White Company, Liberty and Peter Jones/John Lewis to be great. One exception to the more high end pieces in Peter Jones was their red wine glasses - we snapped up 6 for £18! John Lewis are great for wine glasses. Some are a little more expensive than others - we also grabbed some white wine glasses 4 for £18 - but they're really lovely. For lighting, we are most likely opting for BHS to supply the lighting. BHS do some incredible bits and the prices are more than reasonable. We are loving the effect of cracked/older looking silver mirrors on anything; candlesticks, lamps, fruit bowls. 

The Bedroom is probably the most likely place for downtime. You know the days you just spend all day in bed larking around, watching TV and simply having fun, but doing nothing? Yes they're very rare, but nonetheless welcomed when they occur. For me having a bedroom which is cosy yet presentable is key. I am someone who hates clutter - cluttered house is a cluttered brain. I have opted for greys - 50 shades of grey - how apt. For bedding, quite possibly the main thing, we have opted for The Range. It's affordable, good quality and perfect for the first place. All white is the only bedding I can do - potentially a bit anal with this, but believe me I will not shift. Now can you understand my uncontrollable obsession with The White Company. One thing I think is essential to dress up the white is a good cushion display. Play with the textures, the shades and anything else you can. I am going to be opting for various different styles (again Homesense is great for quirky pillows) or if perhaps you're super particular head down to Liberty, or your local fabric store, and have some made exactly how you want them. For basic cushions I would recommend H&M who are currently doing their cushions from as low as £1.99! I would also recommend keeping an eye out for any discount days they're doing, they often have 10,20 or 25 percent off days so maybe hold out unless it's super urgent. 

There is the first part of my inspiration, tips and ideas are for the place. I will be creating another post similar however with different areas of the flat (dining, bathroom, study, kitchen etc). 


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  1. That clock is so beautiful! xx

  2. Oh, this is such great inspiration! ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  3. LOVE this!! I'm planning out my next uni bedroom already hah! xx


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