NYC Day 1


Hey lovelies. So if you follow me on Twitter (@kassiebarkerj) you will know I got the chance to go to New York. My lovely cousin Isabel asked me on Sunday if I wanted to go on the Wednesday - and I said yes, of course! So I arrived in NYC, during lightening, Wednesday night at about 7.30pm NYC time! I literally fell in love straight away. When driving into the city it was all lit up and looked so beautiful, literally like something out of a film! I immediately knew I would love it! So yesterday was my first full day in NYC, and it was a busy one. The day started with a breakfast with a lady who is started up and awesome new company where you can tailer the items you want, the idea was that you shouldn't settle for something! I loved the idea. So after the breakfast we headed over to the Facebook HQ which you can see a picture below. This was an incredible experience, it really was so cool. My cousin is good friends with someone who works there so that is how we got in there. I am so glad we did - their offices are insane. They have vending machines with iPhones, MacBook accessories and more in! 

After doing Facebook we did a little bit of shopping around Union Square which was cool. We did Sephora, Forever 21 and this skincare shop! The shopping here is on another level, including the Forever 21. I know we have a Forever 21 in the UK but it is like steroids here. It is like anyone who loves fashion and cheap clothing's dream. To go shopping we went through Grand Central Station which was super busy, but incredibly beautiful. I wish we had more of  these stations in London. They really make travelling look a lot more glamorous! 

After shopping we went for lunch with one of my cousins colleagues. He was really nice and so was the restaurant. It was a lovely Mexican restaurant just off of Union Square, however I cannot remember the name of this nor did I take any pictures of it. You'll have to take my word that it was incredible. After lunch we headed to the Soho/Downtown NY area, and boy was I blown away. The cobbled street, boutique style shops and the "hip" people all made it so incredible. Downtown is a lot less crowded, but I loved it. It was like walking straight into a film set, I'm thinking Carrie Bradshaw. After all, if she doesn't envision New York what does?

So after doing a bit of Downtown including a short walk up Spring Street we had to head back to the hotel to get ready to go out for dinner with one of my cousins friends. Below is a picture of the view as you step out of my hotel, right in the middle of Times Square. Amazing right?

Dinner was amazing, we had an Italien and everything about the restaurant drew me in. It was amazing. Brilliant service, lovely atmosphere...just really lovely. My cousin and her friend Melissa are so cool too, they're brilliant. They both have incredible style as well! So now...onto what I bought on my first day in NYC...and boy was it a lot! 

So for all you beauty lovers out there these are the beauty bits I bought. I went into Sephora and got the Bliss bits, the Make Up Forever foundation and the UD Naked Palette. I wanted these so bad! The 'Fat Girl Six Pack" was a random one, but I hope it works! I don't want a sixpack really more toned, but I am hoping it will  help! Then the Bliss body butter is something I have wanted again for ages - I tried it a couple of years It is incredible. It smells amazing! The Make Up Forever foundation is the one Kim Kardashian uses and although I am not a fan of her, I am of her make up! Finally from Sephora is the UD Naked Palette - need I say more? Then we headed over to a skincare shop and got some bits from there to help with spots! I got the Skinceuticals serum thing for my spots - and I put it on last night, it has shrunk it so much already! Then some cleansing wash as well which helps with spots again. I am hoping these products will just clear my skin up completely because I desperately need that! 

I went a bit mad in Forever 21. I got a few things as they're so nice there! I got some Turquoise jeans as that is my favourite colour and they're so funky! I got a black maxi dress as it is super cute and looked nice. I also got a black lace playsuit which looks super smart and I just had to have it. Then I got some work out bits too - a bra top and some shorts - for the summer months...if it comes. Then accessories wise I got myself a beautiful scarf, two statement necklaces & some bracelets! I will show in more detail when I do a video or post on my NYC haul! 

This above is the view from my room! It is pretty incredible, it looks out onto one of the busiest places in NYC which is cool. I am not too high up though which is cool! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will hopefully be posting tomorrow as well! So I will keep it updated on here! 

For now,


  1. Looks like you are having a fab time!!! good beauty buys too x

  2. Ahh looks like your having an amazing time! You've picked up looks of lovely goodies :D

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  3. The best city in the world. Very jealous of your shopping spree xx

  4. Oh my god the view from your window looks just like a sex and the city episode! So envious of you! x


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