My NYC trip


Hey guys! Long time no speak...well not really, but I wanted to start off with a nice rounded sentence. If you follow me via Twitter or read my previous posts, you will know I was in NYC the past few days. I went out last Wednesday and came back this Tuesday...and I can hands down say it was the most incredible time of my life. In New York we didn't do any of the tourist spots - they're too crowded and I wasn't too fussed. When I was there, my cousin took me to all the "hip" and cool parts of town, namely; Meatpacking, Soho and the general downtown area. I loved it there. It is so unique and different, and best of all - not touristy. I know I was classed as a tourist, but shopping appeals to me much more than queuing for hours! If I would say I am good at one thing, it would be shopping. I love it. 

The other part of the trip I loved was the diversity of the people there - people I met and people I just saw. Whilst out there I met some of my cousins friends, one lady called Melissa who has a blog which is and it is amazing. Her and my cousin are easily some of the stylish girls in New York! They're amazing. Together they inspired me so much, they have such a great way of looking at life with an attitude like "everything happens for a reason" and you know, it does. I loved the evenings and lunches with Isabel, my cousin, and Melissa. If I resemble those two in anyway when I am older, I will know I did something right. And as for the people I didn't meet personally, their ability to express themselves was inspiring alone. They wear what they want - with no fear of judgement. incredible. 

So here is a photo diary of my NYC trip, including Times Square, Central Park & more:

This is my beauts cousin, Izzy, in Central Park!

So I hope you liked my pictures of New York! I absolutely loved it, and if anyone else gets a chance to go - do whatever you can to go! It is the most inspiring place I have ever been. I loved every second of it and have so much love for my cousin for taking me! 

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  1. Oh wow these photos are incredible Kassie. I so wish I could go to New York, it looks like such an amazing place. You look gorgeous too! So jealous.. definitely one for the bucket list xxx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. I just got back from 6 days in NYC too!! It is now 100% my favourite place in the world xo

  3. Looks like you had an amazing trip!
    I love NYC and want to go back so bad!


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