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The Big Change

The Big Change
As you may have noticed - Style Devoured has disappeared, and ourLDNlife has replaced it.

After nearly 4 years’ as Style Devoured I've taken the decision to change, rebrand and refocus.

Style Devoured was originally a fashion blog; covering outfits, top finds and more. But as time went on, my “passion for fashion” dwindled and I found myself falling out of love with fashion, and in turn blogging.

I took 8 months out - unsure whether I'd ever go back - with the aim of working out what to do.

After a serious amount of consideration I decided to change to lifestyle, predominantly food, blogging but I kept the name. I always felt unsure about it - even whilst fashion blogging - and was so aware that I'd outgrown the name. But I just couldn't find another one I loved, one that didn't limit me to one aspect.

I've kept going - but now it's time for change.

Instead of continuing to blog solo, I've enlisted the help of my flatmate-turned-Bestie to bring a different element to it - a male one. I'd like to further confirm we're just friends, after a flurry of tweets and messages.

As a blogger, and marketer in my ‘real’ life, I spend hours looking at my Google Analytics. In recent months I've seen a huge increase in male readership - almost half of my readers are male - and whilst my content might not appeal to that all the time, I'm sure Alex will be able to bring another element which will be able to appeal. It's an exciting prospect to combine not just our London life, but also tailoring the content to both men and females.

So Style Devoured may have ceased to exist, the content will remain similar just better. It's an era of my life that has given me so many opportunities, but I have no doubt you're going to love this even more.

We want to share our London with you - because everyone's version of London is different.

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  1. Oh what an exiting new venture! Looking forward to reading some of Alex's posts!


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