The Demotivated Blogger

Having a blog is considered a form of inspiration; a place on the web where one individual can inspire one to one million people with the innovative content, whether your forte be fashion, lifestyle or sport. Content for inspiration.

But what happens when you're not even remotely inspired yourself?

I have a lifestyle blog in which my aim is to inspire people to make the most out of London, or even take the plunge and move to the city I consider the best in the world. However, recently my inspiration and motivation has been at an all time low - if not non-existent. 

What happens when your role is to inspire - but you can't even inspire yourself enough to get out of bed? 

Does that make your blog pointless - or worse, irrelevant? 

If you cannot fulfil the simple task of inspiring those who read your content - how little or large the following is - then are you simply wasting your time?

In short - no. 

I've been pondering this for weeks after a few weeks of feeling demotivated. Now I put my life online, I chose to take that path the moment I started my blog four years ago and the moment I truly opened up last year on my blog. 

Of course - there is a lot I keep from social media and my blog, but equally my twitter is essentially a documented timeline of my thoughts, happenings and whatever else is going on. However, when it comes to me feeling de-motivated, or uninspired - I keep my mouth shut, or rather my fingers paused. 

Why am I so ashamed to admit that right now the only thing that inspires me or interests me is sitting on a sofa, binge watching TV?

We're in the era that everything must be aspirational, each instagram post is something which should ensure followers are envious of this fantastic life you lead or perhaps a new luxurious purchase you've made. My instagram feed is littered with pictures from exciting adventures or things I've done which I've enjoyed - because you don't want to see me with Ben & Jerry's around my face whilst fully immersing myself into my 5th episode of Narcos that day. 

But the truth is - no one can inspire people every single day, no one can maintain this inspirational persona 24/7, it's a fools game. I'm not complaining because the people with the perfect instagram feeds with quotes of "Make Today Your Day" and "Dreams Only Happen if You Work For Them" do help to inspire me whilst I'm in bed either unwell, miserable or just down-right lazy - but the reality is you need more than that. 

Sometimes waking up and seeing a post of "I Love Monday Mornings" will receive a resounding sigh, and the toss of a mobile phone across the room. I mean seriously, this BS about how if "you love your job, you'll love monday mornings" is the last thing I want to see when I'm waking up at 6am after a substandard weekend and heading to another 5-day week. 

It's okay to feel unmotivated, it's okay to wake up on a Monday morning and wish you could hibernate for the next few years. It's okay to not feel inspired, and even more so it's okay to have periods of no motivation. 

We're conditioned to believe that unless we are 100% motivated and 100% inspired at least 99.9% of the time, we will not succeed in anything we do in life.

But it's not true.

Just because I've felt unmotivated recently, and perhaps my content on my blog has been a little slow doesn't mean that my voice or opinion is irrelevant, and it doesn't mean that overnight I'm going to lose followers, views or anything else. 

It just means I'm human, and that despite my instagram feed depicting something a little different - life isn't always cocktails on rooftop bars or small plates at restaurants. I work 45-hr weeks, I maintain friendships, I go back home-home away from London and sometimes, just sometimes, all I want to do is lay down, do nothing and just shutdown.

And it's okay, it's completely fine to feel demotivated or uninspired. It's what makes us human. So stop with the stressing, stop with the exhausting yourself to be inspiring at every waking moment and just life live how it is.

Inspire with the truth, not a fictional world you're exhausting yourself to live in. 

What's your opinion?

  1. I think we all go through periods like this. You need to focus on what you enjoy and if that means taking a few days / weeks off from the blog then so be it! Hopefully in that time you find a renewed passion / inspiration / energy!! ...coming to run it out at run club tomorrow?! xoxo


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