Running around London - for fun.

I've done it - I've officially committed to running the longest distance I've ever run.

No, it's not a's not even half. HOWEVER - for me, it's a big deal.

It's often easy to undermine someones goals because there are bigger ones to be had - but to that individual it's a big deal. With every goal completed, comes another larger goal. For me I want to think that this 10k will be the stepping stone to bigger, more challenging goals. 

I've always struggled with maintaining my motivation to work out, and I'm guilty of giving in very quickly. I used to run all the time, however after years of hurting myself and falling over I just fell out of love with and, yes, I quit.

Running just isn't enjoyable for me, but then 6 months ago neither was box-fit or abs and ass class. Everything is relative, and for me largely comes down to how good you are at things. It's funny because I felt immensely proud  when I did five burpees without moaning. For me - it was a huge deal.

The lovely Elle from Keep it SimpELLE is the one who challenged me to do the London Winter Run around Central London. Elle challenged me before with WeTrain and has been instrumental with getting me back on track. 

If you want to join us, and a whole host of other fab bloggers, then go to The London Winter Run and enter the code: SIMPLELLE3 for £3 off your entry to the race. It would be so great to have a whole group of London bloggers running along, and of course if anyone is equally as unfit as me please link up. 

So this is merely a quick post to introduce you to my next challenge, but I will follow up with updates and tips on how to go from being someone who struggles with 100 metres to hopefully someone who can smash a 10k. 

Peace out, hopefully.

What's your opinion?

  1. Thanks for your sharing. I like your blog!


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