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If you've read my blog for a while now you've seen the constant change of me as a person. I've gone from a beauty blogger to a fashion blogger to a lifestyle blogger to a London blogger to a happy medium between all of them over the past few years. If you've followed me on social media you'll have also seen this within my body too - I've massively changed my body over the past three years. I've been super skinny to a little chubby around the edges (hello relationship weight, we've all been there) to finally getting to a point where I'm beginning to like what I see.

Body confidence issues are the main point of a gazillion blog posts, and I won't bore you with another post depicting how right or wrong these things are, but instead show you how I fell back in love with working out again.

We all hate those 5.30am starts with a workout insight, and sometimes it's hard to maintain the motivation to get yourself up before or ever after work. I love a morning workout - they're my favourite on the basis I then have the evening to do as I please - and I now look forward to my morning workouts more than ever because of the people I train with.

Now you'll have seen in my previous post, or even on my instagram that I workout with WeTrain a lot of the time. WeTrain are the group personal training company providing a fun environment for (at the moment) South West Londoners to enjoy. 

The trainers are brilliant; not only are they highly skilled and will well and truly blitz your body, they're also pretty sound people too. There's not an ounce of stuffiness there you can sometimes experience in these elitist London workout clubs. We attended the WePLAY launch a few weeks back where I did a session with Elle (I had worked out with her before, and she killed me) and Hilary for the Barre class...it was incredible! 

For me it works perfectly because the workouts are tailored to what you can do, and despite my constant moaning, the class isn't unattainable. I've been to classes before which are so intense that it's put me off going back - it was mass produced whereas with this it's created for each person within the class. You can either beast it or do a chilled session.

It's entirely up to you.

These are the kind of things which make me fall back in love with working out - it's not a chore anymore (despite the moaning) and I do enjoy it, even if once again I spend 45 minutes saying I can't even though I absolutely can. 

This sounds like a massive plug - but I promise you it's not. It really is a great way to workout, to get everything you would out of a personal trainer for a fraction of the price. I mean don't get me wrong - I still sleep in my gym stuff prior to a 6.30am workout but at least now I enjoy going. I used to resent working out - I mean I quite literally went about 6 months without doing any exercise, whereas I've gone four days without exercise due to being unwell and I miss it. It's weird how certain classes can do that -  amiright, or amiright?

I genuinely cannot thank WeTrain enough for reigniting this love again, and I can't wait to continue to see results...abs abs abs. All about those abs.

If you want to join me and workout with WeTrain then head to their website to book:

And if you book for a friend too, they can come for free. Just enter WTFRIEND when booking.

WePLAY Launch from WeTRAIN on Vimeo.

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