Fat Girl Slim | A Greedy Girls Guide to a Diet

Well the title may or may not be misleading. My logic was it sounds like "I'm the real slim shady", but in reality it doesn't sound nearly as cool. But really - up until two months ago I was literally a fat girl stuck in someone's body fortunate to be able to maintain a size 8 body.

I would never state I was fat because I wasn't - I wasn't happy with my body but at the same time there are a million people who would be. A size 8 a great size, a size 18 is...either size it all boils down to whether or not you are healthy. And jesus christ, I was not healthy.

Now - despite following inspo accounts all the time - I was consuming near on 3000 calories a day between eating pastries for breakfast, carbs for lunch and hearty meals for dinner whilst drinking most evenings, snacking in between and having my 5 fizzy drinks with 4 coffees a day. You wouldn't look at my body shape and say "she looks unhealthy", but without a doubt you could see it in my skin and hair. It doesn't matter how much make-up you apply and how many sunbeds you go on (sadly the above tan is helped a wee bit by a bit of artificial UV) - if you're eating shit all day, you will look shit.

In recent months this has all changed, I've mentioned this before so I won't bore you with that again (but if you want to read more see WeTrain First Week, Let's Get Sweaty or The Best Workout Classes) and I have had people asking how I've managed to stick to this new change.

I mean it was hard, but by following a rules I've found it easier. These rules are there to be broken, and in all honesty allowing myself to do so meant that I kept to it a lot better than I have ever done so before.

Allow yourself cheat days, but reduce to cheat meals...
This is paramount to me. I began by allowing myself a cheat day where I would eat whatever I wanted, whenever during the day. I'd still workout on that day, but if I wanted pizza followed by chocolate I would allow myself that.

Eventually I felt so sick after eating so much that I didn't want to - I didn't want to feel so vile before or after working out. I reduced it to cheat meals but with no structure - so essentially if on a Friday night I wouldn't go out I would allow myself to have a naughty meal. Or on a Tuesday if I didn't fancy my prepped lunch, it's totally okay to have pad thai. 

Balance is key. You will find that you won't always want your cheat day or meal, I can go two weeks without having a single cheat meal sometimes because I just don't feel like it. It's all about finding what works best for you.

Do exercise you ENJOY! 
For me - this was key. Finding an exercise that I enjoyed meant I looked forward to my workouts. I am not a runner - I used to love it but now I just hate it. So finding exercises like Boxfit and the Primal Class at WeTrain meant I was able to fully immerse myself into the exercise.

Those 5.30am starts will be a lot harder if you hate what you are doing! 

Reduce alcohol...if you can
I won't lie - I am a complete boozehound. Living near Clapham and working in Shoreditch means the I am constantly tempted to go out, and even more so when the weather is good. It's tough to give-up alcohol, but it makes such a difference.

I've given up alcohol for four weeks now and it has made a huge difference. I've lost a considerable amount of weight, and my fitness has improved even in just four weeks. I've got more energy and I just feel better.

I mean don't get me wrong - I am more partial to a glass of wine than most people, but quitting for a few weeks every now and then helps so much.

Try not to eat after 6pm...
This is tough with a working schedule, and sometimes I struggle but I try not to eat after 6pm. I come home earlier from work if I am able (yay to flexitime) to try and get dinner in my tub before 6pm. It works for me.

Change your snacks, and quit fizzy drinks! 
This by far has changed my body the most. I was a self-confessed snackaholic. I mean every hour I would eat snacks, and unhealthy ones at that whilst also drinking 2-3 bottles of full fat coke A DAY! I quit this awful combination and the difference was incredible. Put down the sugary drink, and have some soda with lime instead! 

I've got more tips - but I don't want to bore you. If you want instant tips then follow me on Instagram for more: kassiebarkerj 

I mean don't get me wrong - I am not at my dream figure just yet, but I am closer. 

What's your opinion?

  1. I definitely need to cut down on the fizzy drinks. I drink full fat coke AND monster (terrible I know)...will be trying now to swap it for water! xx


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