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In recent months I’ve found myself becoming a lot more aware of my body and health. In the run up to this, I was eating out 4+ times a week, drinking pretty much every night and in reality the only exercise I did was walking to and from the station from work.

I was a self-confessed desk potato (not a couch, because I rarely sat down at home due to commuting over 4 hours a day) and in all honesty I was super unhealthy. Not only was I physically unhealthy, it made me feel shit as a person.

We’ve all been there…

“I look too fat in this”

“I can’t even fit into this anymore”

“Oh my god…look how skinny my legs were three years ago on Facebook”

It’s easy to do – falling into a rut of eating badly, going out and thus wearing your body down to the point that all it craves is in-fact carbs and shit food.

I was guilty of it, but as I mentioned previously on here – something just had to give.

It’s honestly as if something really did just click, and suddenly I didn’t want to be unhealthy and feeling shit anymore. And so it begun. You can read all about my favourite classes in London here.

But what I want to introduce you to is a new kind of workout. It's not necessarily a class, or an intense spin class which we know I 'love'. 

In the past week I’ve picked up a few training sessions from WeTrain, and for the next few weeks I’ll be doing these instead of my usual spin and Frame workouts. It’s not to say I don’t love them – but I’m all for mixing it up. I have the attention span of a fly, guilteeeeeeee.

So I mean what is this WeTrain lark you keep tweeting about? Well WeTrain provides personal training but within a small group (3-8 people) which means that you get the intense workout, but without the expensive fees that often come with it.

I once got quoted £550 a month for two personal training sessions a week…I mean is it me or is that literally the price of rent in some places?!

Hosted in a variety of locations across SW London, there is really something for everyone.

As someone who wants to build up my fitness, whilst also baking some delicious abs, I opted for a few variations of classes this week; Fit for Function by Elle Linton (Tuesday), Primal Workout by Dave Hunter(Thursday) and Yoga with Charlotte(Sunday).

The immediate thing I’ve noticed is that every trainer has their different styles; which is perfect for me. I need something different, I'm not built to run the same lap every day, or do the same exercises at the gym every day. 

The Fit for Function was my first class; naturally I was nervous. It was based on Clapham Common with a 6.30pm start. It was a nice combination of heart-rate raisers, toning and strengthening moves which definitely got the heart-rate up whilst also ensuring we got the post-workout ache the following day(an ache I have come to love this feeling, oddly) and with Elle's can-do attitude you're never made to feel like you're not performing.

I then tried The Primal Workout by Dave Hunter…OH MY GOD. The man is brilliant – he has the patience of a saint. The workout wasn’t as I’d expected, at all, but when it was over I felt good, I mean like really good. Think animal walks, burpees and sprints…it’s intense but you won’t be leaving feeling like you’ve not had a thorough workout. I actually ached for three days after – in places I didn’t know I could ache. I will definitely be back, and I will definitely be trying harder this time. 

I was truly awful - I spent the 45 minutes moaning and complaining I couldn't do it, whilst Dave continued to push me and reassure me that I could do it, I just needed to push myself.

Finally to relax I opted for some Yoga with Charlotte on the Sunday. Charlotte is amazing; something about her just exudes calmness and she made me feel completely at ease given I’ve not done yoga before. I really enjoyed it – and it’s a nice break from the high intensity exercise during the week. 

I’ve been working out inbetween classes too whether I’m doing a quick HIIT session, or a swim,  because I’ve got to the point where I actually enjoy it…weird, I know. I've noticed that it quickly becomes a lifestyle rather than a diet, and rather being forced you want to do it. I can safely say that for the first time in over a year I'm starting to get that body confidence back, it's an incredible feeling.

I’ve enjoyed my first week; the people have been great, the idea is fantastic and the body is definitely getting put through its paces. I can't wait to get started with the second, and absolutely smash it.

If you want to train with WeTrain alongside some incredible people, then book your session here: WeTRAIN

What's your opinion?

  1. What an awesome week! thanks for the write up / feature! Look forward to sweating with you again over the next few weeks (and beyond hopefully!) x

  2. I can never get over how much personal training costs I was told for once a week for 1 and half months it would be £1000 and then I would have to pay gym membership of £400!! Crazy!!!



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