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I am known among friends, family and colleagues as a foodie/pig/greedy - delete as you will. For at least 7 months I've been on a binge - I'm talking I start a diet every Monday, but by 2pm I was scoffing my face with anything full of sugar, fat and salt.

I lost a lot of weight last year and whilst running myself to the ground working, dating and drinking I didn't put it back on. It was as if being unhappy made me skinny, but fast-forward a few months when life is going well and alongside my happiness levels being up the weight levels are also increasing.

Now don't get me wrong - I've never been fat as such. I've always been a size 8, and it wasn't just my size which bothered me. I was, and to some degree, still am exceptionally unhealthy. At 21 - running to the end of the road would have me out of breath. It's no more than 200 metres and I'd be done. Finito, finished.

My skin was also appalling - breaking out all the time. I just felt shit, stodgy and rough 90% of the time because I was eating shit, not working out and sleeping way more than I should be.

Something really had to give - and that wouldn't be another hole on my belt.

I started eating healthier - I banned snacks at work, I'll try to bring in lunch and refrain from buying shitty processed food. After the first week I figured exercising would be a great way to really get me into it and I signed up to CycleBeat.

CycleBeat, based near Bank, is a high-intensity spinning class. As someone who clings to every bit of sleep, I wanted to challenge myself by signing up to their 6.45am  class. It's a class which is monitored by each bike and displayed on a leaderboard.

Monday morning spin classes are the one. I was in pain, sweating alcohol and thought I was going to die throughout but I felt incredible after. I'm going to write a proper post on CycleBeat soon, but I wanted to talk you through my favourite place to workout; Frame.

I heard about Frame (I mean, come on who hasn't?) and given it's a mere 5 minutes from my work thought I'd give it a try. Here are my top three classes:


Box-fit really varies on trainer - I've done about 10 different sessions of it with about 5 different trainers. My favourite would have to be Sophie Everhard's Monday morning session. At 6.45am, it's a pretty big commitment after the weekend but it never fails to get me going at the start of the week. Sophie, I would say, makes the class a little more dance-based but super easy to follow.

If you're looking for something more challenging, I'd recommend Kevin Keti's class. I recently did his class for the first time (and cannot wait to get back). It's incredible intense, you're guaranteed to ache the next day. Heavy on the toning, but also a lot of cardio. It's a completely different style but both are a great way of working out.

Ass & Abs 

I've done this class a couple of times - and every time I feel the burn for a few days after. I recently did a class with Adam Tench, who I kind of fell in love with, and he gave me the best workout of my life. 

The class is intense (I've witnessed people walk out) and you may struggle - I absolutely do struggle. It's worth doing if you're looking to really work your abdominal muscles and get the BEY bum. 

Frame Cardio

Christ, as someone who has the stamina of a 90 year old man this was tough. The workout quite literally rendered me useless after, and 30 minutes is more than enough. Rob Birchley's cardio session is sure to make you sweat - I was dripping after.

For me - it's great. I need someone to shout at me and make me workout, and he did just this. I'd really recommend this for those of you who want to really get your fitness levels up. It's a great way to start the day with their 6.30am class which quickly sells out! 

I love all of the classes I've done at Frame - but these are my top three. They now have four locations, and I'd really recommend giving them a try. It's become my go-to place to workout. It can get expensive doing 3 classes a week (£10 per class for the majority, if you have a Frame card) but for me it's worth. I know I wouldn't go to the gym, so it makes sense to spend a little extra and do something I genuinely enjoy.

Frame, Shoreditch

A: 29 New Inn Yard, East London EC2A 3EY
T: 020 7033 1855

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  1. Wow such a beautiful post! I love this place so much x

    Check out my latest post here:

    1. It's my favourite place in London to get sweating - I absolutely love it! x

    2. Great post. Thank you and I will check them out!


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