Avocado Mousse Recipe

"Hi, my names Kassie and I am a sugar fiend"

Firstly sorry for the awful photo - I couldn't charge my camera quickly enough.

Following on from my confessional post about IBS - I'll admit I've been working hard to eat a lot healthier, cut out anything processed and potentially bad for my stomach and focus on all things healthy, natural and most importantly gluten-free...easier said than done when you have an exceptionally sweettooth.

I am guilty of this, I have to have something sweet to cut off a meal and sometimes fruit just doesn't cut it. It doesn't give me the finish I oh-so need. 

I have spent hours, if not days, searching for healthy alternatives to my ever-so loved chocolate cake or Ben & Jerry's...it's tough. People like Kayla Insines have fantastic recipes - healthy and great - but the cost of the ingredients and the amount of them means, when working a 40-hour week, I don't have the time to make them.

I researched a few different recipes - and found a reoccurring one - avocado chocolate mousse. I tried a few - but I couldn't like them. There was something in there I just didn't like, so instead of stopping I decided to play around myself to see if I could like it.

When eating healthy and looking for alternatives it's easy to force yourself to eat shit you simply don't like because it's "healthy" but when you begin to do that you end up hating healthy food thus leading to running to your nearest convenience store and stuffing your face with a Teaser bar (we've all been there - me more than others). 

Now I'll be honest and say it took a lot for me to not add sugar to this recipe - I literally had to hide it from the kitchen whilst experimenting, whilst reciting "natural ingredients only, no shit Kassie no shit". I am the girl who hates diets, the girl who cracks at eating healthy eating after just a few days so I need something which tastes as close to my desires as possible - and with this I think I've found it.

You will need:

- 1 and a half avocados 
- 2/3 bananas 
- almond essence (1 cap full)
- vanilla essence (1 cap full)
- 4 tbsp of Cacao Powder 
- A spoonful of greek yoghurt 
- Lemon juice - just a splash

To top with:
- Fresh strawberries 
- Bananas 


They're super simple! 

1. Peel your avocado and banana, mix together in a food processor until they make a gooey like substance
2. Add in the almond and vanilla essence. 
3. Add the lemon juice 
4. Slowly add the cacao powder (I use the funnel at the top of my food processor to make sure it's going in gradually as otherwise I lose patience and throw it all in!)
5. Add the spoonful of greek yoghurt - let it mix for a while to make sure it's smooth

When done, simply put in the fridge. 

What's your opinion?

  1. I have such a sweet tooth and I LOVE choco mousse! This looks delicious! Definitely want to give this a go soon x Laura


    1. Me too! I love anything sweet so this really saved me, this and healthy flapjacks! Absolutely do, I hope you love it! x

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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