Online Dating: Why So Many Weirdos?

As you will all know - I am guilty of online dating. I mean I don't have the time to faff around with the original, proper dating we all, used to, know and love. It's easier for me to have it at the touch of the button, and pretty much on demand wherever I go and whatever time I demand.

Yet - the one thing I seem to be unable to escape is the weirdos. I am talking the bat-shit crazy weirdos who simply just do - not - get - it. If I say I am not interested, then believe me I am not. I am not playing games nor pretending to be not interested in hope that men will find it attractive. I mean I really don't want to waste my time with you. 

With online dating you kind of expect at least 4 out of every 10 people to be a little bit weird, and that doesn't seem to budge. You're essentially going on blind dates with people who build personas online - and sometimes more often than not they turn out to be completely different in person.

Sometimes this is great - that socially awkward guy you were a little unsure about turns out to be absolutely hilarious. Brilliant

Sometimes, however, you get the guys who come across lovely yet manage to be complete physcos without meeting you. It's kind of fucked up. 

What spurred me to write this post is infact one of those incredibly weird guys, who claims he is a nice guy, whilst also borderline harassing me. 

I mean what's this new trend of guys claiming to be 'nice guys' whilst harassing you at every hour of the day?

So it goes as follows...

We were chatting for a bit - I was busy, and luckily, never managed to meet up with him. Eventually after he had called me over 5 times in one evening whilst also conveniently being "close to where you're eating" I was a bit weirded out. I said, straight-up, it wasn't going to work and that I wish him all the best on The Inner Circle (where we'd started talking) after he lost his phone. 

Genuinely I did wish him the best, he seemed okay albeit extremely needy and borderline annoying.

He continued to text me despite me saying this, and of course I ignored the messages. I had made my point and I really felt there was no need for me to make it again.

Three weeks later - he started up again. Let's also keep in mind, I've never met him or spoken with him on the phone. He is a complete stranger - and weirdo. My friend had my phone whilst he started his barrage of messages...I never thought I'd screen shot and post but this guy was relentless...

 Now it makes me raise the question - what is it with guys thinking that we owe them something because we've exchanged a few messages? That is I cancel it's because I am bailing - rather than a genuine reason?

It takes a lot of piss me off - but this really did. 

For someone, I've never met, to speak to me and expect so much from me despite having not met them or paid any interest in's the perfect example of just how fucked up online dating can be.

And as for guys - please take note. I am not looking for a child, I don't want to have to message you every hour of the day and I shouldn't have to.

To all you Captain Forwards out there - maybe tone it down a little. It's not cute - it is creepy.

What's your opinion?

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