Women Who Empower Me

"Empowering women isn't just the right thing to do, it's the smart thing to do" 

In todays culture there seems to be this underlying negativity between women. Despite everything; women seem to constantly bitch about one another...

"Well you know...she has put on a lot of weight"
"Yes but haven't you heard - she's crazy?"
"I never really liked her anyway - what a slut"

I mean I will admit I am guilty of dropping a snide comment to another woman - and why? I haven't a clue. It doesn't make me feel better nor have any significance on my life, so why do we continue to do it? Times are changing of course and I think 2016 is the year we should empower each-other as women rather than compare notes and slyly knock eachother down. You love that girls shoes? Bloody tell her. We live in a society where it's deemed more acceptable to make a dig at someone rather than say something nice - and I am kind of sick of it. 

As women we face an absolute tirade of problems; from the still-very-existent gap between pay, the pressures of society to be either machines or be dubbed lazy, the aesthetic aspects are there too...being a woman can be hard. Now this post isn't me shoving feminism down your throat - I really don't believe in that at all. Form your own opinions, but be fair.

The foundations for this post are to tell you about three women who inspire me - every single day. Three women who I don't even think realise how much they inspire, nor do they aim to - they just do. They are just good eggs.

My Aunt Rosemary is without a doubt the woman in my life who inspires me the most. A woman who would do anything to ensure the happiness of others. My relationship with my own mother is a little less conventional than others (in the sense I see her as a friend) - and my aunt has shown me mother love than I could ever ask for. 

She also continues to push me, help me improve and empower me - every single day. She inspires me more than she realises; I've learnt to become a better person because of her, I've learnt to love others more than myself because of her and I've learnt that my family truly do love me - even if it's not necessarily the family you grow up thinking it would be. This woman has become my backbone - and every day she inspires me. 

She is genuinely the kind of person who can change your whole perception on things - and with me she truly has. I will forever owe any success and happiness to her  because she loved me and helped me when I was at my most unloveable. 

Naturally two of my inspirations are family members; my aunt and cousin. They both push me to become a better person, they're firm but fair and wish the best for me at all times. 

The second being my cousin Isabel. She is a woman on a mission; she doesn't let anything stop her from achieving her goals. By the age of 35 she had already achieved more than most men, or women, had at 60. 

She's an incredibly strong person with one of the most incredible and get going attitudes I've ever come across. My aunt tells me stories of how she couldn't get a job when she graduated so she went to the firms she wanted to join and literally knocked on the doors - courageous, dedicated and bold. Whenever I feel myself losing faith - I always look to her. 

Not only is she incredibly strong but kind too. Whenever I've needed support, guidance or advice she is always there to help me. The advice is always honest; whether I want to hear it or not. 

I've tested her patience, and I know it, but she doesn't lose faith and always continues to support me much like my aunt. 

Finally is my colleague. I am not going into details - but it's someone who day in and out inspires me more than they realise. Despite having rubbish thrown at them they remain with a positive outlook, always strive for the best and remain level headed and kind. 

Both in a personal sense and career sense I find myself inspired by them, I find myself respecting them more and more each day. 

I was only saying today how I find it rare to come across someone who is genuinely kind - and when I do I find it inspiring. Amen to those people who don't let the shitbags get them down - because it's just not worth it. Believe me! 

And of course - a couple of bloggers who inspire me. Firstly it has to be Nixalina from sexandlondoncity.co.uk. Her blog is the perfect example of why; she just doesn't care what people think. She writes how she wants, what she wants and when - whether it offends people or may be taboo she doesn't care. I love this. Now don't get me wrong - she clearly cares about her readers and listens to them. I mean the girl went to sex party in the name of research for her blog. She got balls.

Secondly is Em Sheldon, from emtalks.co.uk, because it is so clear she cares so much about what she is doing. I started following Em's blog back when I began blogging - she had a small following(this was about 4-5 years ago) but still persisted with current content and interesting posts. I would also like to add that I bet Em has received her fair share of hate from people online - she's got a ridiculous figure which she should definitely be flaunting but you get those negative nancys who say shit about it...yet she doesn't let it get her down.

So there is a quick snippet of those who inspire me! Who inspires you? 

What's your opinion?

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