Recipe: Parma ham, avocado and cucumber sushi bites

If you read my blog a few months back you may remember I attended a Parma ham cooking class (if not, read the post here) and in general I am a bit of a Parma ham fiend. 

One thing I struggle with in London is the sheer amount of Sushi people eat - I only eat a couple of sushi pieces and in general cannot say I am a huge fan. There is something about it which just doesn't do it for me! 

Now I'd also like to add that this isn't sponsored - but when I received an email for a recipe with Parma ham, avocado and cucumber sushi bites I couldn't have been more intrigued. The idea is great - and I simply had to share the recipe with you. 

You will need:
- Parma ham (1-2 packs)
- Rice (a cup)
- Mirin (25ml)
- Sugar (3 spoons)
- Avocado (1 whole, chopped)
- Cucumber (half, chopped)


1. Start by cooking the rice until soft, then remove from the heat and steam. 

2. Next you will need to make the dressing. Use your mirin and sugar until dissolved completely together.

3. Toss the dressing into the rice to make it sticky.

4. Lay the strips of avocado and cucumber onto the rice which should be laid out flat onto the sushi roll mat. 

5. Begin to roll

6. Tuck the Parma ham in to the roll! 

7. Cut the rolls into bitesize pieces - and enjoy with soy sauce, wasabi or ginger! 

Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma
Photography: Steve Lee
Recipe and Food Styling: Dialogue Agency

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