Fashion to Lifestyle: The Change.

In recent months there has been a few changes on Style Devoured, and I've had a few questions about what it's about, why I changed, etc. 

Style Devoured used to be a fashion blog, mixed with beauty, and it was solely about what I wore, used etc. I loved it and I still continue to follow other blogs which do that - but for a while I had no interest in blogging or getting involved with it. 

Whether it was the fashion side of it, or just in general - it wasn't for me. I just lost interest in it all - and in some ways I didn't like competing. 

Now don't get me wrong - any form of blogging if competitive. It's one of the most over-saturated markets and everyone and their dog has one. Fashion blogging is probably the most popular type of blogging...I love it, I love reading them - but I no longer love being a 'fashion blogger'.

I had always loved fashion - and I still love reading about it - but there was a huge part of me which felt out of place. I'd attend events but be literally the only person eating and I know this is rare, that doesn't always happen - but it kind of made me feel like perhaps it wasn't for me.

My instagram was another pivotal point - I literally spent hours trying to get the perfect flat lay, or searching for the right white background. Off-white simply would not do. It was all a little bit too much for me.

I took a short hiatus, and Style Devoured almost became deceased. I guess I kind of just lived my life - without worrying about churning anything out onto the social media, writing about it or how it came across on instagram. I lived my life - and it was the best thing for me. 

Before I had felt stuck - I didn't love fashion as much as I used to but I'd built up followers with the name Style Devoured, and changing that wouldn't make much sense. I felt stuck and for about 6 months I didn't post anything on my blog unless someone requested content.

I then found my new love - London. Within London I also developed a strong relationship with food; food doesn't upset me, make me feel bad or leave me wanting to rip my hair out. I realised that Style Devoured also works as a name for food... you devour food right? You want to be seen in stylish hangouts? I guess it kind of just worked.

After a few months of wondering whether or not I wanted to get involved more I decided to start it up again and get the blog redesigned to reflect the change a little more. 

A London lifestyle blog with all things from food, drinks and dating. Where the hat was off and I could post what I wanted, with no restrictions. Lifestyle gave me a broader spectrum of topics to cover and allowed me to run a little more. It was also hugely more practical for me to do lifestyle than fashion. 

I can safely say my blogging mojo is back. I am feeling more inspired than I have in a while and I am genuinely enjoying it again, to the point that even after working a 14 hour day I still want to come home and work on it. Changing to lifestyle just kind of changed that for me, and I hope you stick around for what is to come from Style Devoured in the next year.

Peace out, foodies.


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