The Best Dating Apps Of Our Time

It was Valentines Day a few days ago - and you're still single. Now you either take it in your stride (ain't nobody got time for fuck boys anyway) or you end up miserable because no-one loves you (why can't someone just love the real me?). I am guilty of doing both from time to time - and I mean this year alone I've switched from the two about 20 times. But I mean Valentine's really is a bit of a farce - it's a little jumped for a day supposed to be celebrating love.  Thought you know maybe you're too openly single when your mother brings you Valentines roses. 

I am very content with being single despite my jokes - I am guilty of loving my own space. Being alone teaches you to learn about yourself - but despite this I will admit I am a dating app fiend. It's a long running joke between myself and those who know me about quite how much I use them (my phone bill was £120 for data alone for a substantial amount of time for the 4G I was using - dedication to the cause). I find it fun - am I looking for something, or merely boosting my ego? In all honestly it's most likely the latter. 

With this in mind and it being around the time of Valentines Day - for those of you wanting a little bit of attention - I thought I'd give the low down on my favourite apps for dating. It all comes down to what you want out of dating; one night stand? Long term? Casual? There is an app for anything you would want - and you can find the person within seconds. Especially in London.

The Best for Bulk Dating: Happn
Happn is an app in which you walk past those in similar areas and they come up on your screen. It's almost become the new Tinder - though this may be in London. I've spoken to friends of mine from Kent who have said it's still not huge around there and since being back I have to agree.

In London it's very much a case of 5 new people for every metre you walk - variety is the spice of life, no? Happn  for me is great. 

The Best for Selective Dating: The Inner Circle 
I recently joined this after seeing an article about it - and I love it. The Inner Circle  has various different functions you can search for guys/girls on - area, age, online, new users. 

Now I won't lie - it's a very narcissistic app. It has a 'selection process' where they vet your profile (99% of people get accepted) and they throw 'exclusive' parties for single people - sounds great?  - but it's definitely not for everyone. 

If you're looking for something with a better selection and less overcrowded then this is for you.

The Best for All Over: Tinder
Looking for something which will work whether you're in a city or a small town - Tinder. You may still want to become a Tinderella despite the standards dropping and it becoming a little clunky. 

I used to be a Tinder fiend when I was in Kent all the time - it's great! I actually met my ex on there - and I know lots of people who have met their long-term partners on there. It gets some bad press - but it can be great. I would recommend being careful with this one - there is undoubtedly more spam and catfishing than other apps. 

Also if you do find love then you can forever use the pun Tinderella - is that not reason enough alone?

The Best for One Night Stands: Badoo 
Woah - I didn't say I'd been having them. I know this app is targeted more towards those who are looking for something a little more casual. I mean don't get me wrong - Tinder, Happn etc all have those on there looking for a one night thing.

It's all dependent on what you're looking for - but if it's something a little lax in commitment then Badoo is for you.

My personal favourite? Happn

Now let's not get caught up being depressed about being single - but celebrate the fact we can date hundreds of people whenever we would like. What's not to love?


What's your opinion?

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