First Date Dilemmas

First Dates give off a certain buzz - I can't quite explain it, but I love them. The butterflies before, the semi-awkward introductory conversation and the inevitable act of getting somewhat steamed. I am being genuine when I say I love it - I really find it entertaining and even if it goes badly they're usually hilarious. 

But with first dates there comes the social restricted "rules". I use the term "rules" in an ironic way because I genuinely don't believe there should be any restraints when it comes to dating, nor should we start whipping out a textbook with the do's and don't's of dating. 

There does seem to be taboo topics, and certain things which people deem unacceptable to do on first dates. From sleeping with them to getting drunk - people have opposing opinions on it all. 

Getting drunk on a first date...
The amount of times I have heard people say that this is completely unacceptable tickles me. I get that in some cases the drunk you isn't exactly the best you - but in defense of that maybe for some people it's just a better version.

Alcohol is also essentially a confidence boost, worry remover and humour builder in liquid form. I find that 80% of first dates end up being drinks - and if it goes well then why not continue it? 

Personally I have had a few first dates where I have got pretty drunk - and I've never had a bad experience. If anything it's been pretty funny...and I am a lot more confident when drunk than I am sober. If it feels okay, and you know you're safe, then don't listen to people telling you that you cannot do something - you can. 

Sleeping with someone on the first date...
The time old argument continues - and there are people who are certain this is the worst thing you can do. Their argument? It comes across that you're easy. Whilst I completely see their point - and don't discredit it - I think the decision ultimately should lie with how you feel rather than you concern over someone's opinion. 

If it feels right, from the word go, then why not? I genuinely don't think it is a sign that you are 'easy', a 'slut' or anything else which could be thrown at you. 

Just to make this clear - to all of you rascals claiming it's absolutely not okay - it's not a terrible thing to sleep with someone on a first date. If it feels right then go with it - don't hold out for 5 dates because society demands you do so.

You are in control of what you do with your body - and who you do with it. And if guys can do it - why can't we?

Discussing Personal Things...
This one is a rule people seem to on conjured up - and it's stupid. Just because you've just met them doesn't mean you can't get personal - but obviously know your boundaries. I have had people I've just met but felt like I could talk to about anything...and you know what? We're still friends now.

Much like sleeping with them - if it feels right, then go with it. 

So these are the three first date dilemmas which I find, among friends, often creep up in conversation. As a disclosure I am not telling you to go out, sleep with everyone you want and get steamed - but to hell with it, don't let other people define your actions.

Happy First Dates! 

What's your opinion?

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