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Vintage Salt

I have to admit, I am very lucky. I have been to some amazing places over the past few weeks - exploring various menus, cuisines and wine lists. I want to stress that I don't take this for granted. I know I am lucky. 

So about a month back now, I went to Vintage Salt. Vintage Salt is situated on top of Selfridges. Selfridges as in the place where dreams become reality. The place where I find everything I want in one extremely large building. I am a sucker for a well carved handbag. So naturally when I heard about a restaurant on top of the building, I wanted in. 

I have to admit, trying not to buy the entire store on your way up was only prevented by my somewhat depressing bank balance. One day Kassie, one day. We were really lucky that the day we had booked turned out to be the same day there was a one day heatwave in the UK. It was the perfect setting; warm evening, still light and in the heart of the West End. 

We were seated quickly, the drinks orders were taken and we naturally went for a gin and tonic to start off. Their gin and tonics were quite honestly amazing - I expected nothing less - and a huge part of me wanted more. However, being the conformist I can sometimes be, I went for wine seeing as I was going for a seafood dish. And who doesn't love a nice glass of wine to eat with?

Now let's talk about the atmosphere. For me, it's one of the main things when I eat at a venue. Whilst at Vintage Salt, I got a weird Made in Chelsea vibe. I have no idea why, but nonetheless I did. It was nice and civilised nonetheless - you won't find any Jamie/Alexs shotting spirits around, but what you will find is an abundance of Chanel bags, red soled shoes and snazzy people. The vibe was chilled - no music, just people talking. It was nice.

Now lets talk food. We both opted for the shrimp burger. I have to admit, it was a tough choice. Being a huge seafood fan, the menu was tantalizing. Give me all the seafood in the world. I was tempted by the sea bass, but thought opting for the shrimp burger prior to an evening out was the best decision. Naturally we ordered sides too; truffled chips and normal chips. 

The wait wasn't long - it was probably around 25 minutes until our food was with us. Considering the restaurant was extremely busy and the staff looked relatively flustered, this is exceptional. I have no doubts this is their usual standard. 

The food, the food, the food. Amazing. So the presentation was incredible and I wish I could say it was too good to eat, but I was simply starving and tucked straight in. Now it's not a hidden fact that shrimps can sometimes lack flavour, and I took this into consideration when ordering, so I was curious to find out how it would taste. I was not disappointed. The flavours that had been put into the burger were amazing - it was spicy and moreish. Being slightly fussy, I didn't opt for the sauce on my burger but apparently it was just as good as the burger and added that little something. Damn my condiment phobia. 

The truffled chips were also out of this world. I was hesitant to try them, but once I had I no longer wanted my plain chips and quickly proceeded to eating almost the entirety of the portion. I am genuinely craving them right now whilst writing this, I could eat them all day! 

After having these, we didn't fancy dessert. One thing you cannot fault is the portion size - we both felt absolutely stuffed after our meal. I really couldn't of eaten more if I had wanted to (I did want to, I am being coy). 

Not once did we feel rushed from our table despite it being exceptionally busy, and we never felt like our server wasn't attentive enough. The food and service really is worth the money, and for a good atmosphere too. You are almost guaranteed a great meal.

As always, don't trust me...head there yourself:

The only downside being that the weather is no longer as fantastic as it was when I visited, but with shelter provided it's not a problem.

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