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Fabulously Stylish: Style By Portobello

 It's no secret that finding anything unique nowadays is impossible - you walk out your door and those shoes from Topshop about 7 people have them, there has been at least 15 instagram pictures of them on your feed and near on 200 tweets. Finding anything that no one has on the high street isn't easy - so how can you still look great AND original? Vintage, duh. 

So, I was lucky enough to be offered a box from Style By Portobello to review. In the box you're given items(or one really awesome item) up to the value of £35. I was a little skeptical about this - I've seen the subscription boxes and they don't appeal to me. I would prefer to spend the money on an actual product - but this one blew me out of the water. I'm not saying that purely because it was gifted - as always my opinions are honest. My main question was "how would a complete stranger have any idea what I would like?" - low and behold they got it spot on.

I am very much a minimalist - anything too over the top or colourful and I'm not really a fan. Call me boring, but I personally think neutral colours are forever stylish. I think there is an almost bad smell associated with vintage - people assume it might be over the top, or frumpy. The reality is - 99% it is the complete opposite. To my relief this was the case with this box. You never know what you'll get - but that's the fun of it. You'll always receive a surprise - and who doesn't love those?

Am I saying that I would buy this again? Of course. Who wouldn't love a unique gift from month to month? 

To order yours please head to Style By Portobello!


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  1. Oh, everything looks lovely! Thank you for sharing ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  2. Great post, thanks for sharing
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