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Rich Girls Wishlist - Realist Wishlist

Ever spent hours trawling the Net-a-Porter website, dreaming of being a "rich girl"? I do this more frequently than I'd like to admit. I spend hours dreaming of my wardrobe in ten years time, the collection of bags I plan to build up and the different outfits I want to put together with the likes of Alexander Wang or Saint Laurent. Luckily for me, dreaming is one of the best ways to motivate myself! 

I have so many dreams, aspirations and things I want for myself yet sometimes you get those days, or in all honesty weeks, where you lack the motivation to get yourself to that place. I am not saying your goals or ambitions should be materialistic because they most definitely shouldn't, but sometimes you need that oh so narcissistic push to get you to get off your arse and start making a life for yourself. Sometimes it's really that simple. To demonstrate a stereotypical lust list of mine I went for my favourite look - monochrome. 

Fortunately, I am a realist. I could dream up various things for England, but at the end of the day I also appreciate to get the things I want I have to work my arse off for the next few years at least. Trustfunds weren't in my family unfortunately which requires me to make it on my own. So in turn, here is the realist wishlist to create the perfect monochrome casual outfit. 

One perk of monochrome (lets be honest though, there are more than a thousand perks) is that it always looks more expensive than it is. Black and white, or even just one of the two colours, can always look expensive, stylish and great. You don't have to spend £1000 on a pair of trousers for them to look incredible. Perks of not experimenting with the other colours I guess! 

Understandably you may not want to shop the exact look. After all style is supposed to be individual and this is personally something I would go for. If you want to shop the exact look then follow the links on my polyvore. However I have shopped around for some cheaper prices for the looks above:

Striped top - here / here / here 
Black trousers/jeans - here / here / here 
Heels - here / here / here 
Bag - here / here / here
Sunglasses - Here / here / here 

The British highstreet - proving that you can still look chic without getting yourself into a financial pickle. Chin chin to Topshop! 


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  1. What lovely wishlists ♥
    Have a great weekend!
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  2. I whant thet wish list too!!! :)

  3. I love both pairs of sunglasses! xx


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