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Electric Blue


 Hello! Once again I have been a little MIA. It is weird how living in such a technology based world can be a nightmare when your technology fails you. To say I have been lost without my laptop is potentially an understatement, however it is also great to be able to go out and not be attached to it. Days out in London (Harry Gordons cocktails have become a new obsession) and just generally spending more time out with friends than cooped up on my laptop. Netflix, I do miss you though.
This outfit is a casual summer evening outfit, something which is potentially ideal for a casual date (yes. I am now guilty of dating via Tinder...Modern day Tinderella) and it works well for this. I am a sucker for anything electric blue, I just seem to be drawn to it so this New Look dress was kind of perfect for me. Summer is rapidly becoming more apparent though so out with the coats and in with the jackets, excited? Never. 
Jacket - Sheinside
Dress - New Look
Shoes - Zara
Necklace - Vintage
Bag - Sophie Hulme
Bracelet - Alexander McQueen
Kassie xo

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  1. Loving the bold colours, I need to buy some more bright colours myself >.<


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