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Dealing with acne and hyper-pigmentation

Hey guys! Sorry I have been a bit MIA, unfortunately my laptop has died and I cannot stand typing whilst on my phone. I thought I would quickly upload this for you guys and explain why I haven't been around. This post is something which I have personally dealt with and gone through, and quite frankly know how it affects people. I hope this helps even a little bit and hope to be back blogging regularly! 

Dealing with Acne
If you have been reading my blog for some time you will know I have suffered with acne in the past. Late 2012/early 2013 my skin was terrible. Breakouts were everyday and the spots weren't small easily coverable ones, but huge ones which made more of a statement than my outfit. My confidence was low and I absolutely hated my skin. I tried every product under the sun, I went on prescription medication to try and get rid of it but nothing would work. Finally around April I found a couple of products which improved my skin massively and since then I have been able to keep my acne under control and it barely flares up. This may not work for everyone as there are so many different levels of acne, but this is what I personally would recommend for helping to combat them. Firstly a good cleanser. My first choice is the Origins Checks and Balances £12 (here) which has really helped me keep my oily skin under control and make sure it isn't producing too much. It also washes away any dirt and I find using this after my shower in the morning and before bed in the evening works a treat. Secondly the St Ives Invigorating Scrub £4.29 (here) has helped keep spots at bay, clean my pores and help keep my skin looking fresh. Using this 3/4 times a week changed my skin a crazy amount. As you may have read before, I am a huge fan of the Skinceuticals Blemish Defence Serum $82 (here) and think a large amount of the recovery of my skin and reduction of acne has been down to this product. Even after the first time of using it I had noticed a huge change and overnight my spots had gone down and the redness had gone. Pricey but oh so worth it! Mario Badescu Drying lotion is almost a supplementary product to this. You put the product on particularly big blemishes rather than your whole face and over night it dries out the spot and it has gone come the morning. It does dry excessively though so make sure you are moisturising after using this! 

Covering and healing hyper pigmentation/acne scarring
The scarring left from having bad skin has been something which has gotten me down for quite some time. I don't know why I let myself create the scarring, but you live and learn. Over the past year of dealing with it I have decided that these are my fail safe products to turn to. Firstly foundation - Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation has been great for me with covering up any scarring and marks I don't wish to be visible. Alternatively for something a little more light but build-able, Chanel Vita Aqua Lumiere is great. Another tip, make sure you have SPF or use sun cream on your skin because sun damage can actually make the scarring worse and prevent it from healing! To help rejuvenate the skin and repair it, rosehip oil is great and this one from Palmers is an inexpensive way to help repair it. I have noticed a difference from using this and even though I have oily skin it hasn't broken me out. 

These are just some quick tips to help you deal with skin problems I have suffered with and know many other guys, and guys, suffer with! 

Kassie x

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  1. I tried St Yves before and it's a great product! The skin therapy oil by Palmers coconut butter formula seems very interesting, I have to try that. nice post!


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