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Press Day: Swimwear 365 & Look Again

A couple of weeks ago I went to an event which was a collaboration between Swimwear 365 and Look Again. Picture this; swimwear, cocktails and summer say I am now counting down the days to the hot weather, lack of exams and summer antics is an understatement.  If I am being honest I had never actually heard of Look Again before receiving an email, but oh my god now I literally want everything. If it wasn't for the cocktails after I probably would of gone straight over to Oxford Street, card at the ready. Clothing wise you can expect a lot of brights, pastels and prints. A definite bright vibe going on here, I like it. I tend to favour black, but after the press day it's making me want to invest in some brights come payday. I'm talking bright pinks, oranges and yellows...yes I am serious. 

Swimwear wise - wow. You want flattering? Sorted. You want busty? Sorted. Literally swimwear for every occasion, you cannot beat it! My favourite would have to be the White Cut Out Mesh Swimsuit  as its absolutely gorgeous! I mean honestly for ages I wasn't a swimsuit person, I thought of speedo swimwear when I thought of swimsuits...not chic or stylish in the slightest. My views are now reformed and perhaps more educated, swimsuits are now back on my radar. After the Swimwear 365 press day, myself and a couple of other bloggers (Kristiana, Lorna and Georgina) who were all lovely, and the Swimwear 365 press team headed to Bitter Sweet in Soho for a cocktail making class. As someone who doesn't drink much (I'm talking once every three months) it didn't take much for it to make me a little tipsy, but nonetheless I absolutely loved it. The staff there were so lovely and accommodated for everything! The Swimwear 365 are, in my casual words, jokes. They were all so lovely and down to earth, some of them students, and it was so easy to sit there and chat to them! 

I was also lucky enough to have my make up done by NV Cosmetics. Oh my god, the pigmentation alongside the lasting power of the eyeshadow and the lipstick was incredible. It lasted most of the evening and I mean until about 9, considering I was sipping on drinks all night. I did some research when I got home too and they're range is so much cheaper than I expected, and in all honesty quality wise competes with mac. Check them out here > NV Cosmestics

A huge thank you to all the press teams involved, special thanks to the Swimwear 365 press team and the people at Bitter Sweet! 

Kassie xo


  1. It was lovely meeting you at the event. I thought the whole day was a huge success! Thanks for giving NV a mention on here. So glad you love the products - I wear them myself and it's seriously one of the most long lasting makeup brands I have ever tried!

    Mags (The Smart Girl's Fashion Guide)

    My latest post ** Harvey Nichols Fashion Show SS14 **

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  3. Lovely post!! :)


  4. Great post.

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  5. i love this post looks like a great night btw your style is amazing!,


  6. All these pretty pictures! You are so pretty! Lets follow each other! Follow me on GFC and I will follow back!

  7. Looks like a great event, I love going to these sorts of things.

    Krissie x -


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