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Blue and black

Another cobalt and black ensemble, guilty. These were taken at the weekend and its an outfit for running errands but still looking relatively dressed up (okay so I didn't run that many errands) as I want to make some sort of effort...except for today. Today I am bedbound and feel super unwell. I think that's the thing with Winter, it completely batters my immune'd think come Summer it's okay, well you're wrong. Hayfever season is pretty much the hot version of flu (well as hot as England gets).

Oddly I am looking forward to December this year, not because of Christmas but because I am thinking of going to New York for a pre-Christmas shop. My friend and I have been searching for the best deals for the past couple of weeks and it is looking more and more likely to happen...not going to complain! 

Jumper - Choies*
Jeans - Fashion Union
Fur - Sheinside 
Shoes - Forever 21
Hat - New Look 

Kassie xo


  1. love that furr vest, it adds a little something special to the outfit making it more dressier, really like the beany! :) xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  2. That blue is GORGEOUS! You look stunning xo

  3. Love the look! Like the pop of blue!

  4. Beautiful association! I really love your heels <3

  5. Loving the fur and the blue shoes :)) perf!!


  6. Wow I love everything on your outfit! Nice outfit post! Keep blogging! You deserve more views x Please also check out my blog Have a nice day!

  7. Cobalt blue is my obsession at the moment, I'm wearing very similar shoes in my new outfit post (publishing on Sunday!). Looking gorgeous, love this look!

  8. Two of my favourite colours. I picked up some cobalt shoes from m and s the other day and they work so well with black! Xx

  9. Love your blog - great outfits :) keep up the great work :)


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