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Guilty Pleasure: notepads

Do you have those guilty pleasures? The things you literally cannot get enough of? Thank god, me too. For some unknown reason I have an obsession, guilty pleasure ahem, with notepads. This probably sounds like a sponsored post because it sounds quite random to my usual topic, but I really had to share this particular notepad. I love pretty notepads and this one is no exception, just something about a fresh pretty notepad which gets me going and just kind of creates new ideas.

This particular one is from Sainsburys. I don't know how much because it was a little stocking filler...apparently Santa knows how much I love a fresh notepad. Notepads for me are a go to thing, I have about 10 unfinished ones because I love making notes, planning things and keeping them all nice and clean...weird? definitely. The colour scheme of my room is red, blue and white so this book fits in well with that which is another thing I love about it. 

As the new year is well into progress, I decided to go for something different than new years resolutions. The 101 things in 1001 days challenge seems much more appealing and I can set myself so many more goals. From buying myself things I have wanted for ages or giving blood, to taking my grandmother to the Opera to going on holiday...the possibilities aren't exactly numbered in the space of 1001 days! 

Do you have any guilty pleasures? 

Kassie xo


  1. i love notepads and diary's , i would say my guilty please is candles !
    The Inked Blonde

  2. I have this notepad!! And the medium version... and the folder version..! I love stationary, in fact I just got a new notepad yesterday.. I have about 4 new ones that I haven't touched yet, I swear its OCD to have this many note pads!
    Serena xo

  3. I love notepads too! The best way of keeping my life on track haha xo


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