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Stand out products of 2013

2013 has been a great year for discovering products for me, I have found so many new and exciting products I will continue to use for years. Before this year I wasn't a huge product junkie, I had the odd cult product and few others I used here and then. Blogging completely changed that, now I love buying products and trying out new ranges. This is great for discovering different ways of doing make up or a great way to banish spots, however not so great for the bank balance. My brand loyalty has definitely developed this year too. Brands such as label.m and skinceauticals have become new staples in my routine, and staples which will stick for a long time.

Make up has been the main aspect I have been so impressed with this year. Believe it or not but before 2013 I had never even tried brands such as NARS and Urban Decay, now I use them every day.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation (£6.99 here) - If you read my blog from the beginning of this year and read the beauty posts you might of noticed that a lot of my make up was high end, I was a make up snob. However I have gotten over my terrible ways and this foundation is a firm favourite, potentially even better than the highend ones I used! 

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette (£20 here) - This has been a saviour. I was a little hesitant about this, but I use it without doubt every day. It has an eyebrow colour, a black for liner, colour for highlighting and everything else! To top it off, it is also extremely compact. 

MAC Bronzing powder(£20 here) - I bought this early this year and since then have been obsessed with it. I got it in Matte bronze and the colour is perfect for my olive complexion. Although the product did smash it remained a great product for me this year! 

MAC Lady Danger(£15 here) - I bought this whilst in New York and ever since it has been a go to colour when I want to make my make up a little different. It is such a great colour to wear if you want to stand out, and it also reminds me of New York...bonus.

NARS Gilda blusher(£21.50 here) - This blusher is the perfect colour for me and anyone who has a warmer skin tone. It has been my go to blusher throughout the year and I still haven't hit pan. To read my review click HERE

Burts Bees lipbalm in Mango(£3.69 here) - For dry lips this has been my go to products. It is super cheap and great to take around with you. I've completely run out of this which is so annoying! Need to get to boots asap. 

Chanel glossimer in Myriade(£21 here) - I won this from India from the jewel beauty blog and have been in love since. I like to use this on special occasions, it adds a little bit of glamour into the outfit! 

label.m is really the only haircare brand I used consistently this year. I have dipped into other brands, but not enough for them to standout. I first tried their products around February and have not looked back! 

label.m protein spray(£13.25 here) - This product has helped my hair go from weak and brittle to so much stronger. I apply it most nights and it's really helped change the condition of my hair! It is running low, but I will definitely be purchasing a new bottle as soon as I can! 

label.m heat protection spray(£11.95 here) - I wrote about this product here earlier on in the year and about how I really go on with it. It doesn't weigh your hair down or make it look like there is lots of product in your hair, it really is amazing!

In all honesty 2013 hasn't really impressed me with perfumes, I've gone back to my 2012 ones for this year...which means they are running super low, sigh.

Chanel Chance(varying prices depending on size here) - As you probably know Chanel are commended for their perfumes. This is a good perfume for younger people in comparison to stronger scents liek No.5, however you could really wear it at any age! 

Body shop Mango body mist(£7.50 here) - I am such a sucker for anything that smells of Mango so it is no surprise I absolutely wore this to death this year. I love how fruity it smells, and although probably more of a summer scent I continue to wear it throughout winter!

My only focus I have had this year has been to do with banishing the spots from my skin. At the beginning of this year my skin was absolutely terrible, but with this amazing skinceauticals product they have gone! 

SkinCeuticals Blemish and Ages defence(£74 here) - This has transformed my skin. If you want to read the full review of this amazing product then click here.

Clinique Moisture surge overnight mask(£29 here) - From the spot treatment drying out my skin occasionally I needed an intensive mask to help rehydrate my skin and put the moisture back into it, this really did the job! I absolutely love how over night my skin becomes soft and looks healthier again. 

So those are my stand out products of 2013 and ones which have really really impressed me this year! Have you got any products on here that you also love?

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Kassie xo


  1. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette is a staple for sure! It also last forever, I only buy it about once a year, which is great for the bank account. I love the text on your photos, do you do that in photoshop or do you use an app?

    1. I use picmonkey which is a website, it's great! x

  2. the Naked Basics has been my ultimate favourite buy this year - can't go wrong with it!

  3. I'm loving the mixture of the high street brands =]
    The naked palette has got to be the best, so GOOD choice!

    J Y U K I M I . C O M

  4. I can't wait to get the Naked Basics palette for Christmas, everyone has said such great things about it! x


  5. The naked palette has been the products I've heard of year round everyone seems to love it :)


  6. I've never tried any Chanel perfumes before, i will deffo have a look into them! :)

  7. I've never tried any of these products before! But I love the scent of that Chanel perfume xxx

  8. I swear Lady Danger is THE red lipstick. All others just pale in comparison. I'm so glad I read this cus I'm obsessed with anything mango too, definitely popping into the body shop soon! xx

    Found you through the bbloggers chat tonight, following!
    Made In A Cup

  9. The 'label.m protein spray' sounds fab! Love the 'MAC Lady Danger' colour too :-)

    x Roch & Tash x

  10. that lippy is such a lovely colour x

  11. S H A M A Z I N G BLOG! & Love This post and the lipsticks!
    Keep it up! i love reading it!

    follow my new blog back, let me know what you think! x

  12. I love that mango body mist!
    I just recently bought the eau de toilette version
    And I know it's more for summer but they brought it out now so I'll continue to wear it lol

    x x

  13. that label.m brand sounds amazing! great post :)

    Rachel x
    Style Soup


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