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Pinch punch, it's the first of the month!

My oh my, already December. I still am in shock, I've said it loads of times over the past couple of weeks, about how fast this year has gone. It feels like only a week ago it was June, now we are well into Winter...and the ever shrinking temperatures. Today I had one of those days where I did random things, did some baking and just hung around with my family. I've luckily done 99% of my Christmas shopping so won't be a last minute rush like it has been for the past 5 years, first time for everything! So as I mentioned I did some cooking today, I absolutely love cooking...I don't know why. The worst part is that I cannot actually cook, I doubt the cakes will be eaten by anyone but myself. 

So only 24 days to Christmas, I cannot wait! I think a night of watching Elf and eating cakes is in order for me, would be rude not to. Don't forget to enter my giveaway to win some Miu Miu sunglasses HERE and if you decide to enter then good luck! 

Kassie xo


  1. This is gorgeous! I really love the colour xo

  2. Love your kimono, perfect for covering up but keeping on trend! Loving your blog too, following now :)

    Tweet Tweet xx

  3. Aww you look so so cute! Actually, those cupcakes look so good, I'm sure they taste equally good <3



  4. That Kimono top is beautiful, such a lovely colour x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  5. First of all what a great way to start your post with that title and for the outfit I'm in love with the blue kimono!

    Christina xx

  6. well done for being so organised haha! This kimono is lovely and it looks great with your hair! I'm sure the cakes were nice ;)
    lily x


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