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Persunmall Wishlist

If you follow me on Twitter you will of seen my tweet about Persunmall in which I said about how many things I wanted from their e-store...and boy I wasn't joking. Now I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said I spent at least 3 hours on their site working out what I was going to buy post Christmas. A girl can never have too many clothes. With many designer inspired pieces at high street prices you'd be absolutely crazy to turn away!

At the moment I seem to be loving darker colour and anything a bit grungey, which is odd as I tend to wear bright colour clothes. I have so many things ready to order, the dominant colour being black. After Christmas I will definitely be ordering these bits, and for the price I don't even feel guilty! 

How cute is this bag? I absolutely love it and can you really go wrong with a black I am obsessed wit this kind of structure of a bag, they're so stylish and chic. These boots are exactly what I have been after - and I mean exactly

As much as I love the skort trend, I much prefer this actual skirt. I love anything leather at the moment, it goes with so much and suits this colder weather. I am a sucker for gold and black, this bracelet would be paired with the leather skirt and long sleeved top. Celine styled top...Could I ask for much more?

Obviously my style won't appeal to you all, however there are so many different things you can get on Persunmall and you most definitely will find something you love!

Kassie xo


  1. nice :)

  2. Love these picks especially the boots

  3. HOW cheap?!!? I LOVE that gold necklace, it's sooo pretty and affordable! xxx

    Gem // Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. Necklace is fab! I love it <3

  5. think i need to go shopping now. what have you done to me. haha xo


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