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Christmas Gift Guide: For Him

As someone who has an immediate family dominated by males Christmas shopping is full of frustration confusion and an undeniable inability to shop for the opposite sex. With a dad, a step dad, three brothers and other male family members I find myself spending more time in Topman than Topshop around the festive season. Personally I find shopping for my dad/s the hardest, what do you get someone who can usually get it themselves? I usually play it safe, but this year I might mix it up. Whether you're shopping for your father, your brother or your boyfriend I hope this gift guide will help you get an idea of what to get them!

Chocolate Selection Box(£28 here) - Whenever I am really struggling I often like to get a fancy box of chocolates, these ones would be great for this. They look amazing and no doubt taste even better! 

Elemis SOS survival cream (£42 here) - If your father works outside as one of mine do then good skincare is in order. With men finally starting to take care of themselves this Christmas will no doubt feel a boom in the purchasing of mens grooming products. 

Elemis Deep Cleanse Facial Wash (£18.40 here) - Again with the mens grooming, they will no doubt appreciate it as a great way to take care of their skin. 

Mantaray mens gift set(£4 here) - You honestly cannot go wrong with giftsets, and one like this would be amazing for a dad who travels a lot. They are the perfect travel size! 

Dolce and Gabbana 'The One' aftershave(£27.95 here) - This aftershave smells amazing and definitely one for the dads. At £27.95 it is a great price for a present. 

Topman Christmas style socks(£6 here) - Christmas socks are a must...after all it wouldn't be Christmas without them! These ones from Topman would make a great stocking gift or a supplement for a bigger gift! 

Nelly Candle(£28.95 here) - I don't care what they say, most men do love candles. This is one they could share with a partner too..what isn't to love. 

Guess mens watch(£159 here) - Pricey? Yes. Do they deserve it? Most probably. 

Hugo Boss Mens Boxers(£34.99 here) - Boxers such a typical present and one my brothers have always appreciated, especially if they are branded. Hugo Boss are a brand you really cannot fault and would make a great asset to a present! 

LYNX giftset(£9 here) - As I said before you really cannot go wrong with gift sets and £10 to bulk up a group of presents is a really thing to add to their presents...and you can never have too much body spray right?

Beats by DR DRE(£119 here) - I know for a fact all my brothers would love these and although they are expensive...Christmas is about giving right? These are such an amazing product and would be such a treat to your sibling!

Vans (£46.99 here) - Fail safe present, especially if they are teenagers and love their casual clothing. My brother absolutely loves these and I know if I got him these he'd be more than happy! 

Topman top(£10 here) - I love these tops and from experience so have males in my life, I understand it won't be the same for everyone but it could appeal to some of you. For £10 you can't go wrong either! 

Captain America iPhone 5 case(£10 here) - Does this product even need explaining?

212 by Caroline Herrara (£31.95 here) - Aftershave is always a great gift to give, men seem to never be able to have enough! 

So there it is, a quick gift guide for him! I know shopping for the opposite sex is a lot harder, well for me anyway, and in the past I've relied on gift guides to help! 

Who are you buying for this year? 

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Kassie xo


  1. Great choices! You have to give men the usual socks and underwear don't you? They moan when you do but they'd moan more if you didn't! Love the skincare options here, really useful! Thanks x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  2. Great choices, I struggle getting my dad stuff so this has really helped thanks for doing this post :)

  3. Some great ideas here! :) I always really struggle shopping for men, too. I agree - you can't go wrong with a nice box of chocolates! xx

  4. just helped me decide for my brother - thank you! haha xx

  5. Oh, great product gift ideas for men. I like the watch.

  6. Such great choices, really want to eat those chocolates! :P

  7. Great picks! Have a few more ideas now for the men in my family (always struggle, except for my brother-he'd be happy with a pack of custard creams!!)
    L xo

  8. I always get my Dad a DVD box set of some kind - last year it was LOTR this year its Breaking Bad!

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  10. I have no idea what i am going to get my father or my boyfriend because they have such weird tastes -_- great ideas though! (:

  11. Great review!
    Do you want to follow eachother with?))

  12. As a male blogger, the products for the brother(s) really appeal to me. Will help a lot this Christmas :)

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