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Trends and Timepieces A/W 2014

Slowly but surely as I grow up watches are becoming more and more important. Gone are the days of having the latest Disney watch on your wrist, and now only the chicest watches will do. With such a variety it is really is hard to choose but with Christmas coming I thought I would show you a few of my favourite pieces. Watches are one of those pieces which stay with you a long time - one of the pieces I think is worth investing in. I feel piecing together some A/W 13 shows and watches is helpful to show what kind of colours, outfits they can be worn with! 

First we have the amazing AW 13 Balmain show. Balmain is undoubtedly one of the shows I always look forward to trying to recreate, this year was no different. Due to the high level of love I feel for this collection I wanted to piece a lovely watch which I am very fond of. This Michel Herbelin is so elegant and the blue in the watch goes well with the use of blue in the collection. The New Port Yacht club watch instantly caught my eye, it is so elegant and would go with almost anything! 

Chanel are obviously known for their use of black and white throughout their collections, AW 13 being no exception. I love the monochrome look, but the watch I chose would be the Marc Jacobs Dinky watch to brighten up the outfit and add the pop of colour it needed. The pink is also great for pairing with brighter colours come warmer seasons, but for now it would work great for a simple pop of colour. 

Prada used a lot of dark colours for this season, understandably as it was Autumn. The dark colours and cuts of the pieces created an element of sophistication throughout the show which is why I chose this Michel Herberlin watch to go with these pieces. The watch really suits the pieces, adding a little more sophistication to this collection. The silver detailing on the buttons also would gel well with the silver hardware of the watch.

Perhaps you'd like something which could go with everything, from a casual day outfit to a beautiful gown. Something which you could undoubtedly wear all year round, it could never go out of fashion. This one is one of my favourites. The Michel Herberlin Veglione Bracelet watch (here) is the watch I'd choose. The silver detailing and elegance of the bracelet caught my eye, and the circle theme throughout makes it a little different. Ar £440 for a piece which would last a life time it is a great price for such an investment piece! 

If you'd like to check out some of the watches featured in this piece then you can do so by visiting and I would really recommend doing so with the festive season coming up! I will be sending a link to the Veglione bracelet to family members in hope they're feeling generous! 

Kassie xo

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