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"The key is often to dress up inexpensive basics with accessories"

Accessories to me often make the outfit. First off is my love for jewellery. I absolute love different pieces of jewellery, but I adore pieces which not everyone has. Of course you fall in love with pieces which are huge, say the Hermes Kelly bracelet, but the pieces which end up staying with you forever are the ones which actually mean something to you. Following the trends isn't always the best way to accessorise with jewellery, wearing a vintage piece you found or a one of a kind necklace will be the way to attract attention. 

I love accessorising an outfit, and when planning I always pick out some key things to spice the outfit up. In this post I am predominantly focusing on jewellery but obviously you can use so many different things to add a little sparkle to your outfit. I think although the trends are set for jewellery, it isn't as black and white as fashion. The pieces in the pictures I wear all through the year! 

When I say you don't need lots of money to splurge on jewellery I mean it! This bracelet was from Primark a year or so ago, and it was about £2. It is one of those pieces I have yet to see any of my friends wearing, cheap and unique. 

Some of these pieces have so much sentimental value - whether I have been given it by someone I love, or done something I will never forget whilst wearing it! Jewellery is one of those things I cannot resist and I really do believe it can make an outfit without breaking the bank! 

Kassie xo


  1. You have a lovely jewellery collection! I had a ring that matches your Primark bracelet but it's too big so I can't wear it :(
    pretty eclectic

  2. Great collection! I'm also a jewellery lover... and your right, one can never be overdressed!!!! :)

  3. Beautiful selection, I love seeing people's jewellery. I also agree with you, and I have mainly kept sentimental pieces or original ones! I have a kind of serpent goldish bracelet but yours is a complete bargain! xx

  4. I love finding cheap jewellery! I try to mainly get stuff in markets etc so that it's more original, but I have a couple of splurgy pieces that I've gotten as gifts, or kept for sentimental reasons xo

  5. These pieces are brilliant! I'm so glutten for everything shiney .. :D The more original, the better!



  6. that's totally my mantra. I invest in accessories. I wear mostly high street, but most of my shoes and bags are designer. They make all the difference.
    Adela x


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