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Peachy Cheeks: NARS Gilda

Hello! Sorry for not posting this past week, talk about hectic. With coursework deadlines looming, research to be done and everything else I have been rushed off my feet! But on to the post...There is no denying that NARS products are all over the blogosphere, from Laguna to Orgasm cheek colours, or Sheer Glow Foundation - NARS is a leading brand with beauty bloggers. Obviously there are the products, as mentioned above, which are seen as cult products in the beauty world, ones which people will always know their names. However there are also other colours which are overlooked, the product I am talking about today is one of those. When I was strolling through Selfridges in London earlier this year I couldn't help myself and had to have a look at the NARS counter, I tried to promise myself I wouldn't buy I ended up coming out with a blusher. I had been looking for a new powder blusher for a while and after a consultation with the sales assistant she advised me to go for Gilda due to my skin tone being olive. 

The suggestion which this lady picked for me is a peachy and slightly golden tone. I have a warm skin tone so this compliments that, it is more orange than pink to make my skin look healthier. If you're considering spending a bit more on a NARS blusher or any other brand, I would definitely recommend you ask for advice. I was ready to go in and buy Orgasm, but in hindsight it would of been a waste of money. Choosing the right colour is so important, you want your make up to look natural of course! I have had mine since March so the packaging in the photograph isn't as nice as it looked when first bought, but nevertheless I wanted to tell you all about this amazing product!

When you first look at the colour in this picture you'd probably think it comes out super bright, but fortunately that isn't the case. The colour is orangey pinky and you don't need a lot to make it visible which is great. You can probably tell that because I have used this every day since early March yet it still has lots of product left. 

The skin on my face is slightly darker when I have foundation on, however the product looks quite similar to how it does in this swatch. The warm tones in my skin are an amazing match with this blusher, and I could not thank the lady at NARS for helping me pick the right one anymore! 

So there you have it. My absolute favourite cheek product, if not favourite face product overall! This is such a stand out product and one I would say is worth investing a little bit more in. It is definitely one high end product I back completely! 

Kassie xo


  1. I also kind a like those blushes that aren't exactly pink! I now use only these lightly shimmery bronzers that make the skin look so healthy and alive :) I love this tone!



  2. This looks so beautiful. I'm just getting into NARS blushers and need this

  3. I really would love to try out a NARS blush and I think I'd be prepared to buy this one, it just looks so nice and I think it would make me skin look healthier like it does to yours! The colour is just beautiful, can't believe it has lasted so long, there is still loads left!

    Kathryn x

  4. I actually tried this about a week ago, after seeing it on another blog (bloggers influence eh! ha) I loved it too. Definitely glad I got it :) x
    Heroine In Heels

  5. I've never tried a Nars blush before but this looks and sounds totally 'me' - I'm really very tempted to get it! xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

  6. I really want to try a Nars blush, they look lovely! This shade is beautiful x


  7. I love Nars blushers! I have amour and it's one of my favourites. This is such a gorgeous colour too :)
    emmerliejay x

  8. This is a gorgeous shade which would look great with a tan, unfortunately I am Casper White and I can imagine it would be very stark on my pale skin xx

  9. i've never tried a Nars product, I just haven't been able to afford them, but I really love the colour of this blush! love abit of coral on the cheeks leaves such a healthy look I feel! :)

    Cara xx

  10. Nars is the best for blushers defo! great post!

  11. This blush looks really nice! I would go for peach before I would go for pink (:

  12. Looks like a lovely color! This is something I would wear during summer I guess :) x

  13. This blush looks amazing, the colour is so pretty. Love peach blushes.

  14. love this shade <3

    Regards , D


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