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L'Oreal Ever Riche Oil review

I can't imagine it is just me having this problem, but I've found myself unable to get good outfit pictures as of recently due to the lighting. I've been taking pictures of lots of beauty products, but outfit wise I'm finding it hard. By time I'm back it's gone 5 in the evenings so it's far too dark to get a good picture. So anyway nevertheless I wanted to get a post done for today, I hate leaving my blog not posted on for a while. About two weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive a random package from L'oreal with some hair dye and their Ever Riche hair oil. I've been wanting to try a hair oil for a while, but spending £30 on something which I might not like seemed a bit silly, so when I received this I was super happy. 

I think since becoming a blogger haircare has become so much more important to me, learning about new brands such as label.m or new products such as this has made me a lot more interested in making my hair look as nice as it possibly can. I used to just wash it and dry it, barely use hair protection - now I find myself spending 20 minutes just applying products. Hair envy is a huge part of this, I'm often finding other bloggers who have amazing hair and naturally I want mine to look similar! 

Okay so enough with the rambling. When I use this oil I apply it after my shower onto wet hair and usually let my hair dry naturally, if I want to add a little volume or curls I will leave this in when I plait my hair before bed(five year old kind of stuff right?). I literally use about 4 pumps over my hair, not near the roots though, and this is enough to make my hair feel amazingly soft. The actually spray is quite thin, when I've used others such as a Moroccan Oil of my cousins it was a very thick texture however this is such a thin texture and it doesn't feel like you've got any product on your hair. Since dying my hair, you might of seen on Instagram(if not follow me on @kassiebarkerj), I have been trying to take extra care of my hair and making sure I am giving it as much moisture as possible - so far this is my go to product! 

The packaging of this product is pretty standard, I know with other oils they're in glass bottles. This is plastic, but personally I do prefer that because when I travel or stay overnight I don't want to be carrying extra weight. I think if you buy products based on packaging(I am guilty of this) then maybe this isn't the product for you, but the actual product is phenomenal. The smell of the product is another thing I need to rave about, it smells amazing. It has a slight cocoa smell which I love, it's so soothing and the smell lingers on my hair. The amount of times I've been told my hair smells nice when wearing this proves this, and even if the product didn't work well I'd use it for the smell alone. 

You're probably thinking that because it's an oil it is going to be super expensive, but you can get a 150ml for £7.99 HERE and I would completely recommend this product. You might feel a bit hesitant because oils are one of those things I find really work, or really don't but this has worked for me. My hair type is thick hair that is relatively oily, so therefore if it can work for me with my thick hair it can most likely work for you! 

What kind of hair oils do you like? 

Kassie xo


  1. I'm exactly the same now I've started using more products might have to try this x

  2. Lovely post! I'll have to try this!

    Emma x

  3. Great post! This sounds amazing I love trying out new hair products!
    Nicola @

  4. I'm definitely going to be looking out for this next time I'm in Boots, it sounds so lovely! Loved the rest of the range too. xo

  5. I've had so many bloggers recommend me this product! Definitely something I may purchase after my current one runs out! Currently using "This One Light Hair Oil" from Superdrug and really enjoying using it!

    Laura xox

  6. Wow what a bargain! I've never tried a hair oil before but I think I might because the winter really dries my hair out xxx

  7. I was always worried that hair oils would leave my hair greasy but I tried this and have been converted - I absolutely love it x


  8. we've been meaning to pick this up for sometime! great review hun

  9. Hello girlie :)

    Like the blog, maybe follow each other? :)

  10. Sounds like a great product, I will have to look out for it x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  11. i haven't heard much about this one but it does look really good! i cant stand anything thick or too greasy in my hair so this sounds perfect for me :) xx

  12. oo sounds like a really great product! Lovely review :) L xo


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