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Happy Halloween!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I know this holidays isn't celebrated as much in the UK as in the US but it is still one of my favourites. Yesterday I went to my grandparents to honour my tradition of cutting my pumpkin with them. Although I may be 18, I refuse to give up cutting pumpkins just yet. It's odd how something so simple can be so fun right? Outfit wise I wanted to be quite casual, a mens cable knit cardigan and skinny jeans - but added femininity with Valentino style shoes(if only they were the real deal!). 

Jumper - New Look; Jeans - H&M; Shoes - Forever 21; Hat - present
So my outfit really isn't that scary - maybe my dress up might be?! But I'm completely unsure on what I'm doing for halloween. It really is a low key holiday here! Pumpkin carving really is my highlight, this year I decided to go for a cat. Last year I did Harry Potter...not the traditional scary faces! 

What have you done this halloween? For me it is one of those holidays which in ten years time I will still be carving pumpkins and eating the trick or treat sweets, oops! 

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Kassie xo


  1. Happy halloween! I love your hat! xo

  2. Such a great casual look, I LOVE that hat, soso cute!
    amazing pumpkin also, talented lady!

  3. Your outfit is so cute and your pumpkins are very Halloween (: my plans consist of class and then handing out candy

  4. Awww, you look so sweet in that hate! Love the kitty pumpkin. <3

    Tara xo

  5. Very cute and cosy outfit, love it! The cat pumpkin is amazing! xo

  6. hello hun..cute outfit... wanna follow each other? just tell me if u follow me, then i'll follow u back immediatley.


  7. such a pretty blog, pumpkin carving is always fun and I love your hat! If you get a chance I'd love you to check out my beauty, fashion and nail art blog <3 a UK beauty, fashion and nail art blog

  8. Thanks for sending me your link :) Your blog is really fun & engaging :) Keep going!

    I am a newbie blogger , do hopover to my blog -

  9. Lovely outfit, and that cat pumpkin is amazing!


  10. I absolutely love your outfit, simple and stylish! Something I would definitely wear.x Love the shoes. I have never carved a pumpkin, actually we don't celebrate Halloween in my country and I especially enjoy seeing people's creations!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment.. Just followed you back on GFC..x


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