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Autumn lips - four colours!

As months get colder the lipstick gets darker. In the summer it is likely you will favour the pinks, the creams or the nude lips throughout these hotter months, however as the leaves turn orange and the weather begins to become a little more chilly we find ourselves ditching the lights and grabbing the darks. Plums, purples, browns and reds...these all slowly but surely become more prominent towards the end of the year. I always find that in Autumn make up gets a lot heavier - whether this is influenced by the actual weather or simply the fashion and make up trends is debatable, but nevertheless it remains one of my favourite seasons.  

I have been debating what kind of post to do for a while, and although I predominantly favour fashion I really felt like doing something beauty. Personally I love lipstick and tend to favour darker colours, and although I'm not always brave enough to wear them out I buy them regardless. A crime of passion, or a crime against my bank account. One could argue that all day. I thought I would mix up high street and high end make up, since trying more high street make up I have actually begun to love it again. For a while I was a make-up snob, however that is not the case anymore. Brands like Rimmel and MaxFactor are equally as great as more expensive brands like MAC and Chanel. The lipsticks I chose for this post are half and half; MAC and Chanel up against Rimmel. 

The debate on whether high street and high end make up is the same is beginning to make sense to me once again. Although the Rimmel lipsticks cost £8 at most and the Chanel ones more £24, I honestly couldn't tell the difference. However that isn't what this post is about, the Autumn shades are the topic. You can probably tell I favour the deep reds and berry colours more than really dark colours such as purple. 

Kassie xo


  1. great choices, Kate by Rimmel 107 is one of my favourites too :) Moire looks gorgeous, I really need to treat myself to a Chanel lipstick at some point although they're so nice I'd probably feel bad using it lol x

  2. I'm SUCH a red lips fan. You've chosen some great ones, I really want to try the Bordeaux one ox

  3. I'm one of those who really uses both ways - high end and high street! I've found some amazing cheap lipsticks that do the work as equally so .. :)



  4. Great post!

  5. Rimmels Bordeaux looks gorgeous! I'm not sure i could pull off such a dark colour though :/
    I love 107 :) beautiful colour!
    Loved your first photo in this post too xx

  6. MAC Viva Glam 1 looks amazing and would be my first choice out of the ones you have here, but they are all beautiful!

  7. That Rimmel Bordeaux looks gorgeous, I'm gonna go hunt for it


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