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7 key things for Winter!

Hello! With the summer over there is no denying that the temperatures in the UK have most definitely dropped, drastically even. I went from wearing shorts and a vest top to pulling out the winter coats, the scarfs and everything else. Preparing for Winter is something I love doing - I would have to say it is one of my favourite seasons. As much as I love Summer, there really is nothing like wrapping up warm and being all snuggled in your clothes. I love Winter fashion too - parkas, fur, leather and boots. I honestly don't think you can beat it! At the moment we are in Autumn so it is still quite sunny, but unfortunately a little bitter too. 

1. A nice winter coat
For me personally this is the hardest thing to find, I finally found one after about 2 months of searching. I knew what I wanted, but I couldn't seem to find it anywhere. Luckily H & M came to the rescue and I found a parka. If you're like me and are having this struggle then I would recommend H & M for winter coats. I also saw quite a few in other high street stores like Dorethy Perkins and Topshop.

2. Something to keep your ears warm! 
Personally I opt for ear muffs, but I absolutely love wearing hats too. If you're like me and are facing many early mornings this winter then things like ear muffs and hats will become a necessity rather than an accessory. After all, no one likes cold ears. 

Earmuffs - River island hat - Topshop hat - headband 

3. A snood
I know some people just prefer scarves, but I am a snood girl through and through. I find them so simple and you never have to worry about them falling off. In the colder months all you have to do is pop it over your head and you're nice an cosy! Primark currently have a great range of snoods - and for £5 each! You really cannot go wrong. 

4. The perfect Winter playlist
Yes I know this one is a little weird, but during the winter my music taste changes. I know quite a lot of people have this too. In the summer my playlists consist of Calvin Harris, Wiley and all the upbeat songs, but come Winter I prefer my music more mellow than upbeat. Que 'The XX' becoming prominent...

5. Thigh high boots, ankle boots...comfortable boots.
Throughout the Winter I literally live in boots. I don't care if they are thigh high, knee length or ankle boots - as long as they look good, feel good and keep me warm. Not asking for much, eh? A typical look for me is a big coat, skinny jeans and ankle boots - cosy yet stylish. peeeerfect. 

Knee high black ones - H&M zip up ones - Barratts Chelsea boot - Topshop cream boot - Topshop leather boot

6. Knitwear, aaaaaah
Would it really be winter without a selection of knitwear? I don't think so. Every single winter knitwear is on the runways, it is like a timed tradition which will never go out. Every winter it makes an appearance so every winter I find myself ordering excessive amounts of jumpers, scarves and god knows what else...

7. Furrrrrrrrr...
No no no, not real fur. Personally I am opposed to real fur, but fake fur always looks great. Not only does fur keep you warm, but it adds a touch of glamour to an outfit. I absolutely love adding a fur waistcoat or a fur headband to an outfit. 


  1. H&M have some really nice yet affordable knitwear at the moment. I'm on the hunt for a few new pairs of boots, but haven't found any yet! :-( xx

  2. Love this pink knitwear!


  3. The knee high h&m boots are lovely!
    I found you through the #bbloggers blog hop on and now follow you on GFC!
    xo Kirsty

  4. Loved this post! Love winter fashion so much. xx



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