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The best kind of delivery: My New Miu Miu Sunglasses

Hey! So one of my biggest loves are sunglasses and in the words of Tom Ford "eyewear is a potent accessory" to which I completely agree! Eyewear just has the ability to make a look, really propel it onto a different level. When Pret a Voir got in touch to see if I wanted to review a pair of their sunglasses I was super excited. I love sunglasses, it's the one thing I really don't mind spending a lot of money on. Of course I have sunglasses from high street places which I love, but on the whole I love everything about high end sunglasses. The packaging, the feel of them and everything else! Some may say that it is very materialistic, but I suppose that is just me. Things like packaging really do matter to me, however these sunglasses are above and beyond that! So I had to choose which pair I wanted which was super difficult, there is such a huge variety I really did struggle. I finally went for Miu Miu 04OS as they remind me of Audrey Hepburn, you can check those out HERE if you want to check those out. Another great thing about Pret a Voir is that the sunglasses are discounted, for this particular pair they're £124 on Pret a Voir but on a more well known website such as Sunglass Hut they're around £160! So shopping with these guys is definitely a good idea! 

So now for the pair I got, eek! As I previously mentioned the casing is a big thing for me, and this casing is the best I've ever had! I love it, it's so girly and luxurious! The glasses are so glamorous too.

I would also like to say that the customer service was excellent as well, there is a lot of interaction which I felt make the experience more personal and made me want to buy even more sunglasses from Pret a Voir! 

Have a lovely day guys!


  1. You look fab! And they are gorge! I'll be checking them out... I've just treated myself to some Chanels but hey these are beautiful! :) and lucky you btw

    Siobhan xxx

  2. omg those glasses are soo chic! wish I had the money to afford one!


  3. Wow wow and wow!!

    Kylie @

  4. OMG I love these sunglasses, they look amazing on you! xxx

  5. They look great on. Cat eye style are soooo in fashion.


  6. They are amazing!


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