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Funky Prints? Look no further than Jaeger

Hey! Funky prints are something which is rarely not in fashion, and to be honest it isn't always about what's in, but what you find stylist! Fashion fades but style is eternal as Yves Saint Laurent once said. I love funky prints, and although I don't always have the guts to go for it I often buy them, and simply stare. Come Winter I am going to be trying to wear loads of prints. Jaeger is one company I have found with LOADS of funky and exciting prints! I was on the John Lewis website when I came across it, they also have loads of bits on sale. Funky prints are something which often make an outfit, I always find that with a funky print it often makes the outfit, meaning you don't have to rely on accessories to do the talking!

Below are the prints which are my absolute favourites, I just love them! I think the red and white trousers are my favourite, they're cute but also stylish! They'd be great with a simple black top and a black floppy hat - glamorous and stylish! If you want to shop the rest of the collection then you can here: Jaeger at John Lewis collection

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