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Hey guys! Do you ever have those days where you're just lacking any form of inspiration? I have those days a lot recently. For me personally when I am in London regularly I feel most inspired - it has such a variety of different styles. Or perhaps when I was in New York was when my inspiration really peaked - the people there are so different and I met so many people with the outlook on life I would love to adapt! 

I was lacking inspiration the other week and decided to do something about it. I kind of forgot about it this past week as I have been rushed of my feet - but I just got it out and now I am feeling bright about life! The story behind it is that I was a little hesitant to pursue my dream of working within the fashion industry as I didn't do a fashion course at college and also it is an extremely competitive market to get into. I spoke to my aunt about it, she mentioned a board she had done with all her hopes and dreams on. At first I didn't get round to doing it, then I bought a book. Instead of doing a board, I just fill this book with my hopes and dreams, knowledge about the fashion industry, ideas about the future. If you're feeling a little confused about what you want to do with your life in the future then I would recommend this! It is an inexpensive way to inspire you to achieve - because after all you really can achieve anything if you're hardworking and have lots of determination! 

So this is my book, my way of finding inspiration...

It is simply a book of everything which I think is great, things I aspire to have, things I aspire to do. It is nowhere near finished, but a work in progress! Rather ironically just like life! I suppose some people get inspired different ways, but I love just making a book of everything I love! Vogue, Elle and Tatler have to be favourites to get inspiration from. They're great! 

And for an inspiring song... 


  1. This is such a great idea, I really like how creative you are,

    Kelly ||

  2. I did a similar thingy a while ago as well! It's a great thing to have for inspiration and finding your way. xo


  3. if I'm feeling uninspired i read my fave blogs x

  4. aw I wish I had the time to do this now! I did start one a few years ago but now all my inspo is stored online as I don't really buy magazines either anymore. I do prefer a good scarp book though and yours is very creative and well done


  5. I've done this with fashion and beauty things, I love looking through it :)



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