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The Challenge of finding the perfect dress...

Hello again. Life is finally going back to normal...except for the fact my laptop is  dead. Yes, clever me spilt lime cordial all over my Mac and now it is broken...oh why me. Blogging is throwing many challenges at me at the moment, but it is just things I will have to overcome. So if you're like me - like going out - you will be able to sympathise with "I literally have nothing to wear". I often find that finding a dress I actually like, along with shoes, is such a challenge. It proves quite the obstacle. So when I was asked by if I could make an outfit with the perfect going out dress using their site I was pretty excited. I was given the budget of £80 to get shoes as well. I scrolled through the clothing offers and came across an offer for 20% AX Paris for first time! So after scanning through the dresses I came across this one...

At £45 I was eager to get a bit of cash off...but with the 20% off? It works out at £36...yes you heard me right! If you want to check out this saving then you can - AX Paris vouchers and more! So then I had the task of finding the shoes - exciting. 

I searched for quite a while to find the 'perfect' shoes to go with this dress and came across these by In Love With Fashion...

At £30 but with a 10% discount they work out at £27 which is a brilliant price for these! I used a 10% discount code I found on Net Voucher Codes again! For anyone who loves to get a little bit off, this is perfect!

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  1. you look lovely!! great blog!! lets follow each other!!


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