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Valentino Who?

Hey gals and guys. If you're a bit of a fashion 'keeno' like myself, you will no doubt of seen the Valentino Rockstud shoes on just about anyone and everyone who matters. From The Blonde Salad to Alexa Chung, these shoes have been on absolutely everyone. I have been lusting over them for a good...3 months now? I think they are the most beautiful shoes for the summer. However...I am a student. The practicality of me going and spending £500+ on a pair of shoes when I have to eat, socialise and everything else is not plausible. sigh. But whilst in New York, I popped into Forever 21 and what did I come across? The most perfect dupes for them. I got these about a month ago and I believe they hit the UK a week or so ago, but in both New York and London they are selling fast. Great minds think alike. I was so happy to grab some, and guess what ladies? YOU CAN TOO. If you like these shoes then hop along to the Forever 21 website HERE to check it out! I am so happy I got these beauties, I am sure they can suffice until the real ones come into my possession dreaaaaaams.


  1. These are INSANE! So gorgeous xo

  2. I so nearly brought some like this on ebay! So cute x

  3. WOW what a great replica shoe! love them, love your blog, following!

  4. This is so good, nothing's better than a Valentino look-a-like! Defiantly following your blog hehe :)


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