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Hey gals and guys. The weather is finally starting to look up - emphasis on the finally. Being the kind of girl who loves the sun, heat and everything else which comes with it I am welcoming it with open arms. However, the heat has yet to come...but keep your fingers crossed! This is an outfit I put together to run some errands on my day off - although I will be having many of those as I break up next Wednesday for good. It is crazy what life throws at you sometimes, and quite frankly how quick it does so. Anyway onto the outfit - it is consists of a lot of black. I am the kind of girl who loves to wear black - I have far too much of it. I think adding the necklace and a white top made this outfit look a lot less funeral and more day time like! What do you think?

Jacket - Zara; Top - New Look; Jeans - Fashion Union; Necklace and bracelet - Forever 21; Ring - Primark; Sunglasses - Moschino; Shoes - Forever 21; Bag - Primark 


  1. The vest top makes this really cool and casual and I love the boho vibe the necklace gives xx

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  2. That necklace is so cute, I really need to get myself to F21!


  3. Loving the shoulder robing! And the jacket and flats are really great!
    Julia x

  4. Love the jacket and the necklace! Great styling!


  5. You look gorgeous! I love the sunglasses xo

  6. Digging the jacket, doll! And I'm so happy spring is finally here- to stay. :)



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