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Summer Season: Holidays and Festivals

Summer Season: Holidays and Festivals

Hey guys! So for me exam season, gah, is becoming closer and closer. It is something I hate, but regardless it has to be done. The only thing which is keeping me going is the thought of a holiday and since finding out I might be going to Kavos with some friends I felt this only right. Also festival wise, I am hoping to go to Reading again. I wanted to do a holiday and festival inspired outfit! So first of holiday wise - this isn't Kavos but oh well - you need a stunning bikini. I love this one from Melissa Odabash. It is sooo beauts! To top the look off a sun hat - keeps you cool and makes you look fabulous. Is there anything better?

So festival wise. You couldn't go to a festival without wellies and more particular HUNTER WELLIES! I cannot wait to get a new pair, I love them. These particular ones can be found on County House Outdoor (click HERE) and the direct link is PINK HUNTER WELLIES. These are on offer at the moment so grab yours as soon as you can before they all sell out. I am loving the crop top look and with the heat coming, what better time to wear one than at a festival? I think this white one is amazing. Primark have loads like this I believe, so check there before splurging anywhere else!

Top Holiday and Festival Tips

If you're going to a festival, don't be silly about it. I know a lot of people who do go and get into situations which they wouldn't want to. Remember guys - hugs not drugs. However if you find yourself in the situation and you have done something, look online for things such as Leo Claims medical negligence or NHS Symptom Checker and make sure people around you are aware. You might get them on holiday, at a festival or after. Make sure you act on them! I would personally recommend Leo Claims due to them being renowned for getting the job done and if the situation came to it - you'd need that!

Drink loads of water. Keeping hydrated is so important because hydration is so common, but lots of people don't realise it is happening to them. If you want to enjoy yourself and feel good, you need to keep hydrated!

Take enough money. I hate running out and the thought of running out away from home is a horrible one. Make sure you have enough money to ensure you can sort out any emergencies.

If you're going abroad - GET INSURANCE. I cannot stress this point enough. It is so important to make sure you're insured. For £20 you can get insured...for the £4000 it could cost you, it is definitely worth it!

So I understand not everyone will be going much as we wish we all were. I am lucky to of been away already and have the possibility to go again. I won't be for a long time though, so blerg. So if you're not lucky enough to go away, why not take a day trip to London to visit a play. I am thinking of visiting the La Boheme with my nan when I am not working for school or busy with friends, or perhaps a lovely day of shopping in Oxford street. Don't think that because you're not going away you're going to have a grim time - THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER!

Until we speak again!


  1. Oooo I'm loving those gladiator sandals ;)

  2. I love the shorts and the sandals! These are great tips too :) I hope I get to go away this summer! :D
    Sofia x

  3. I really love the hat, I love floppy hats!

    Kelly ||

  4. The bracelets and hat are gorg, great post xx

  5. i love the hat and shorts!x x

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