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Graf here, Graf there.

Hey gals & guys. So today is an absolutely beautiful day, so sunny & surprisingly warm. If this is not the same where you are - I honestly feel for you! I love the sun. So when She Is (check out their awesome store here) offered to send me an item of my choice I was so excited, their clothing is super cool. I chose the graffiti crop top and skirt - I couldn't resist. The pattern is like nothing I have ever seen, so unique and different! I also love bits which show off a mid-drift, if you want to check this out here and you can get it in bright colour version like pinks and greens! Have a lovely day! Don't forget to enter my ASOS voucher giveaway to win £50 to spend there! Click here to go to it.

Weirdest pose in the world, right?

Crop top & Skirt - She Is
Bag - Louis Vuitton
Shoes - Converse 
Sunglasses - Ray Ban 
Ring - Primark 


  1. I really love this outfit,
    You look lovely.

    Kelly ||

  2. Love this outfit and the matching prints : )xx

  3. These photos are so adorable! You look gorgeous xo

  4. Love this outfit, wish i could wear something like that! Again, i'm eyeing up that vintage Louis Vuitton ;-)

    You look amazing!

  5. Love this outfit! I'm so jealous of your stomach!
    Fashion Ganache.

  6. I love it!! Love midriffs on show, and that pattern is amazing!! I need it in my life!! I'd never heard of She Is before reading to check it out!

    Bee X

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  8. Amazing outfit. I didnt know about She is, they have some really cool stuff!
    Lucky you :)


  9. Love this two piece! I saw one in republic but wasn't sure if it would look nice but you've convinced me :) x


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