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Every Girl Loves Shoes...

Hey lovelies. It is not a secret that most girls own a crazy amount of shoes. I personally am a huge shoe person, in the 5 days I was in NYC I bought 6 pairs - oops. I am always looking for new shoes as you never have too many of them! I love finding new websites and found a website called and obviously being the shoe addict I am was slightly over the moon. To top off a whole website dedicated to shoes, is the fact that everything is super reasonably priced. What's not to love? If you want to check out Brantano shoes for women, then please do so here : Ladies Shoes

Now to show you my favourite pair from the ladies smart shoes - aaaaaah. These absolutely beautiful pastel green heeled pumps are my favourite. I love the pastel as pastels are hot and also soften outfits. They retail at £34 which is so reasonable for a pair of shoes! If you want to check these beautiful shoes out then do so here: Perfect Spring Shoes

Have you ever shopped on Brantano for shoes? 


  1. This is such an amazing price! Lovely colour too xo

  2. I've gone a bit shoe crazy lately as well! These are cute, love a bit of pastel x

  3. Great post Kassie :)


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