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Colour Clashing.

Hey there! So it was my birthday Wednesday...but unfortunately I didn't have a fab evening! Life goes on though, but the morning was great. I went to get my hair cut, you can probably tell it is a lot shorter, and I got my nails done too. It was nice to get my hair sorted it out, it feels so soft now! I cannot stop touching a totally normal way though. This is the outfit I wore out to dinner with my family! As you will probably know I went to New York and New York means shopping right? I did a lot of shopping, so lots of new outfits on the blog hopefully! With this outfit, it came down to wanting to wear my new jeans and shoes ... which led to a colour clash. I quite liked it, what do you think?

 Top, shoes, necklace and big bracelet - Forever 21; Jeans - J Brand; Bag - Mulberry; Jacket - H & M

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