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Stuffster - for all those savvy shoppers!

Hey lovelies. Not posting in a few days, then posting loads...what am I like! So if you read my post on places which sell things cheaper that their retail price (you can find it HEREthen you will know that I personally love a good bargain, whether it be on a high end item or your high street items. Who doesn't love a bit of money off? But what happens when you see that gorgeous dress in Topshop and you just don't have the £50 to part with at that moment, that is where Stuffster comes in! With this brilliant website you can browse those items you like, stuffster them at a price you'd want to pay and if they go down to that price they will email you. Seems pretty amazing right? 

So you sign up to Stuffster just as you would with any other website with your email, name and other details. Simples. Then you have to drag the +STUFF tab to your bookmarks, if you're not tech savvy then luckily there are brilliant descriptions to help you put this in your bookmarks! I am not hugely tech savvy and I managed, so you definitely will! Then once you're all signed in and done, away you go! I will show you how it works...

Choose an item, for me the item I have been lusting over for a long time now is these Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats! Aren't they just gorgeous? I have been lusting over these for ages, and I was really tempted to get them. But nearly £500 is a lot of money, so I am adding them to my Stuffster stuff list just incase they go lower! So you go onto the item which you like, then with the +stuff you added to your book marks click that to reveal this...

So you have that all settled, now the hard part comes. How much are you willing to part with - £20 or £200, you can decide what price you would like to be notified at the product going down to! Choose any price you want to, select what stuffboard and you're away! 

So once you have added things to your stufflist, you will have lots of different things to keep an eye on in your stufflist. You have lots of different categories too, it isn't just a fashion website. You can choose your categories; technology to baby clothing! It really is up to you. To top this fabulous site off you can us it on any site - can you believe it? I for one will be using this to keep an eye on the items I love and praying they are for prices I can love even more! I have been playing around on this site almost all day - apart from an outing today! The things I have currently got in my stufflist are...

Mine will probably be about triple the size of this by ... tomorrow. I do love shopping and the more I save...the more I spend? Like I have said before, I may - possibly - definitely do have an obsession with shopping, but at least now I have help to curb my spending. 

If you fancy being a savvy shopper and signing up to this website, then you can do so by clicking on any of the Stuffster words which are in bold, then get saving! Who doesn't like saving money?

Let me know if you do decide to sign up, I would love to know what is in your stufflist! 

*this is a sponsored post, but my opinions are still honest despite this. 


  1. I had no idea about it! Its amazing, thanks for sharing :)

  2. this is soo kl
    thanks for posting
    hope u can check out my fashion blog

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