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Personal Images & my fitness saga #1

Hey Lovelies! I have a different kind of post for you guys today, and I am back from a personal break to just let off some steam and start my fitness program which is going ot be in the second part of this post. I want to talk about two things today - personal image and what I am doing to help me tone up and lose some of those extra pounds! Personal images are things which often dictate your life - whether you want it to or not. Whether you dislike, love or loathe your body, it is usually something you spend a good amount of time thinking about. Well if you don't, I sure as hell do. Personal image is exactly that - personal. In recent months I have noticed that you get a few people who seem to think that your personal appearance is theirs to dictate, to tell you what it should be like and almost lecture you on how wrong you are. 

If I am being honest, I have struggled with my personal body shape for over a year now. I never used to worry about it too much, just as much as your typical teenage girl. I think as you get older and different things happen, you begin to see yourself different. For me this was a break up which I personally found easy, it was things I found out after which made me see myself in a more negative light. I think people over look these kind of things. They think that you feel these things for 'attention' or 'you want to feel like that'. Forgive me if I am wrong, but I definitely do not want to feel like that when I look at my body. Another thing people mistake for attention seeking is "I am fat" and this is down to a whole host of girls who feel the need to upload pictures of themselves with their tops up saying they are fat. I know a lot of skinny girls actually believe this, but you get those ones who know they're not. It is as if they want to make everyone feel bad. Then you get the people who genuinely believe that they are fat, or they're not happy with their figures, and want to do something about it. Personal image is something which has really affected a lot of things I do, but people don't always realise the hold it can have over your life if you don't try and sort it out. Obviously in a lot of case it isn't that easy, but in some it definitely is. I personally am trying to improve my body. As a little disclaimer, I don't think I am 'fat' but I believe I could do with being more fit and toning up. I wanted to address this feeling of personal image before bringing in the second part of the post which is going to be me taking you through your diet. 

My measurements: 

I think measurements are something which people focus on heavily during weightloss, but then what do I know about that? I am by no means an expert, but I do know that measurements  do have an impact on me. I care more about the inches than the stones, and by that I mean I measure myself with a tape measure on my thighs, waist and lower abdominal more than I do weigh myself because I personally find the scales don't really reciprocate what you're losing whereas the visual of your body does. After all muscle weights more than fat...not that I have any muscle worth weight - haha! So I thought I would share with you my measurements - I am going to be updating you every week if you guys like it, but I wanted to share how much I weight, my legs, waist and stomach size as well. 

Weight : 

54 lbs
54 kg
8.7 stone


Lower abdominal/stomach area: 28"
Waist: 24"
Thighs: 19"

Like I have mentioned previously, I do not think I am fat or overweight, but to be 'content' with my body I would love to tone up and be a little more fit, probably lose a few pounds but weight isn't a huge thing to me. I am seriously un-fit right now, I am talking not being able to run up a hill without gasping for air un-fit! So they are my measurements, I wouldn't say I need to lose anything off my waist as such, more my thighs and stomach. Now I am going to talk you through what I have been using to help with weight loss and toning up. 

My methods:

I have tried many fad diets, and I think now I have finally learnt - they do not work. No matter how many times I have wanted them to work because they are the perfect solution to weight loss - a week not eating much and you lose loads of weight? Yes please. However, they do not work and whenever I have done them I end up putting on weight once they are over. The notorious Dukan diet left me tired, grouchy and although I lost weight, I wouldn't do it again. These celebrity craze diets can lead to you putting a lot more pressure on yourself as well, but the proper way to lose those extra pounds is without a doubt working out and eating a diet. 

If there is one thing I knew I had to start doing more it was exercise. As part of my mission to tone up and have a brilliant body (dream world) I have been running, jogging and walking everyday. I think it is important to rest as well though, I overdid it a couple of days ago and because I wasn't ready it just left me in pain and my stomach muscles hurt, so it is important to take it slowly if that is one thing I have learnt from the short time I have been doing this. If you're looking to go jogging then that is fine, but an even better way to burn those calories is by doing some interval training. Interval training is something I do - you sprint, then you jog, then you walk and you can alternate this throughout your work out. You will burn more calories doing this that just jogging for an hour! I like doing this, because the lazy inside me loves the walking part. Then moving onto toning up and muscular work outs. I am lucky because my little brother loves fitness and knows a lot of different work outs which will help to tone my stomach and legs. If you so wish I could film myself doing some of these, but you will have to let me know on that one. With my brother, we are doing to start doing around 20 minutes now moving it up a bit of the toning workouts. If you have an iPhone, use the stop watch on there to time how long you're doing it for. I will find out the different toning exercises and their names from my brother and post pictures of me doing them for you to see, but I would suggest starting off with the plank and crunches. I personally do the plank for 30 seconds, then do a minute of crunches and repeat. The plank is more likely to tone your stomach than doing a lot of crunches would, so exercise the way you want to but also consider the benefits of each before putting yourself out by doing 200 crunches when you may be better off doing 2 minutes(breaks in the middle maybe) of the plank. 

Finally, eating habits. I know a lot of people don't like this part, myself included. I am a bit of a foodie and like to indulge in anything and everything I have in my house, but the thing about diets is you have to learn self control. One thing I have found that helps me with this is the 'my fitness pal' app. I am not being paid to rave about this app or anything, but without it I would of given up and succumbed to my cravings. You enter everything you eat and set yourself a calorie limit, it helps to keep you within that limit. I have set myself a target of 1200 calories a day, which is 800 under the recommended allowance but as long as you're not burning yourself out with exercise this is healthy. Sometimes you may go over your limit, but who cares? Everyone makes mistakes, just don't make too many. I sometimes even go under, recently my hunger pangs have completely gone and as a result I have not been eating as much as I usually do. Quick fact - cravings usually stop after 3 days, so wait 3 days before you decide to give in to a craving. You don't need it, you desire it! The kind of things I eat are simple: 

- egg white omelettes with pepper, ham and a small amount of cheese
- low fat soup - I am loving Asda's 'Good for you' Chicken Thai Style soup
- Fruit and Fibre
- All bran
- Jelly - get a low sugar and low calories one! 
- Brown or wholemeal bread
- Lots of fruit - watermelon is really low in calories 

And finally my most important thing I am going to say in this post - drink a LOT  of water. I have been drinking near on 4 litres a day. Not only does it help with weight loss and brilliant skin, but people tend to mix up cravings. So before you delve into some food that you might not need, drink some water. I am a huge eater, or rather was, and water has helped curb my cravings a lot so it would be my main tip to any of you who are wanting to lose weight. 

I will be uploading weekly and also doing a fitness clothing post too - because everyone wants to look stylish whilst working out. So keep your eyes peeled with that if you're thinking of trying to lose a few pounds ahead of summer like myself! 

Also as a little disclaimer - I am in no way promoting eating disorders or anything like it, they are dangerous and I wouldn't wish it on anyone nor try to put things into their mind. You should always focus on a goal weight which is healthy!


  1. I'm currently doing a similar thing to the Special K diet except i'm eating a cereal from ALDI, lol.

    Myfitnesspal helps quite a lot, i like it when i complete the diary at the end of the day and it says you will weigh 'this much' in so many weeks.

    Healthy eating and lots of water is key. Although you definitely do not need to loose weight from what i can see (your measurements).

    Rosa x

  2. This has reminded me I really need to get my ass into gear and eat healthily and exercise again (I miss being a student with a gym membership though! I do not fancy going out in the snow again :().
    I have to say, your measurements sound killer! I'd love to have thighs that small! Or a waist that small naturally (I can only get something like that in a corset). Super jealous here.

  3. Thank you for this post. It reminded me to stop wishing and start doing. As of this second. =)


  4. I definitely need to step the fitness up a notch!

  5. Looking forward to seeing your progress! I'll also be tracking my progress & methods on my blog. I've been putting off posting my measurements just yet though haha but I did a food post today of all the meals I've eaten this week :)

    C x |


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