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My Ideal Outfit...Featuring China Doll Boutique

My Ideal Outfit...Featuring China Doll Boutique

Hey lovelies. If you know me or read my blog, you will know I love shopping. I usually favour the high end stuff, it gives me a little motivation and it is so pretty! But I wanted to create an outfit which isn't a £3000 collection of bits, but a smaller amount - around £200 to be precise. Recently I stumbled across China Doll Boutique and instantly fell in love with almost every single thing on the website, you really should check them out because their clothes are completely incredible and even more incredible in price. Me being the student I am however cannot afford to splurge on their clothes, but believe me - if I could, hell I would! I have been lusting over this beautiful checkered shirt as I don't own one but really do want on in my life. They are so understated, but you can pair with everything. In an ideal world, I would already have this but you know - life is life! I hope to own it very soon! 

Also, I have been lusting after a leather waist coat for months. They are so cool and I want to wear it throughout the seasons - I think it would be so nice to wear in the summer for the evenings, or layered in colder months! The bag is one I have been lusting over for a while - I recently saw it in Grazia also which started a full blown love affair with this product, and some hostile negotiations with my bank card - a negotiation which I lost. So the bag is put in a wishlist in hope someone will bring it into my life! Another thing you will know if you know me or read my blog - I am OBSESSED with hats, I love to wear them. This floppy hat is so cute, I love hats like this - it is so perfect for dressing up an outfit, because lets face it who doesn't like looking a little more dressed up on the occasion! I love black - I am obsessed so excuse the heavy usage of it in this post, ooops. 

What bits have you guys been loving recently? Have you heard of China Doll Boutique? 


  1. I really like how you have put this together, looks really casual but the hat makes it a bit more glam! Well done for using high street too ;)

  2. I want a shirt like this too! I haven't hear of that boutique but I will have to have a look on their website :-)

    Love this kind of post :)


  3. Loooove it all! The bag is gorge and the biker vest is amazing!! X

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  5. Love the leather jacket and the bag amazing collection! x
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  6. I'm in love with that shirt! I've got a bit of a check shirt obsession going on at the moment!xxx

  7. I love that bag! gorgeous and a great price too!


  8. Love this outfit!! Never heard of the website before, but I'm definitely gonna check it out. The bag and hat are gorgeous!!

    X Saskia

  9. This is my kind of outfit. I have a Check shirt obsession & that hat is so lovely. May have to purchase it!

    Found your lovely blog via twitters #bbloggers chat.

    Now Following xx


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