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KBJ's Spring Essentials

Hey lovelies. So Spring is fast approaching ... if you discard the snow and minus temperatures. So without the negatives, Spring will be here soon. I am sure of it. I am so excited to see the flowers and feel the heat ... I am kidding. I am definitely a hot weather kinda girl, I cannot stand being in the freezing cold for much longer. But we must soldier on. Today I thought I would show you things I feel essential for this coming Spring - hopefully - and bits I personally will be channeling throughout the warmer seasons. There is quite a range of different things, and if the clothing one goes down well I will probably do a make up version if this goes down well. 

1. A statement knit - this particular ones is French Connection* - Buy it here!
I personally think a nice statement piece of knitwear is essential for Spring. Spring is that time of year when it isn't too hot or too cold, the perfect time to let the jumper do the talking. I love this particular jumper because you can just throw it over a pair of jeans and you'll still look absolutely fabulous! There are loads of different key pieces out there, so you will have to search around. This colour is huge at the moment too - you cannot go anywhere without seeing it. I love it, you may not so you will have to shop around for what suits you. No point buying something you hate just because it is 'in fashion'.

2. A cute pastel blouse - this is from Fashion Union - Buy It Here!
Spring and pastels go hand in hand, there is no denying that. You really would be unlikely to see a SS13 without some pastels. I love this baby blue shirt from Fashion Union as it is perfect for Spring .. well hopefully soon! I love the ombre too. In an ideal world, I would love to pair this with some Charlotte Olympia kitty flats and some skinny jeans, topped off with a Philip Lim Pashli Satchel. However, in the real world I will pair it with some jeans or a skirt and some cute suede pumps! 

3. Something Monochrome
Surprise surprise - monochrome is in. Okay so you probably know this by now, because it is such a reappearing trend. I am not complaining though. I love this trend, it is easy to wear! I love how you can wear all black and white, then mix it up by throwing in a neon bag! This skirt was from a giveaway, but you will no doubt be able to find a black and white skirt in most shops. The highstreet is going crazy for monochrome! 

4. A denim shirt
I love a denim shirt as much as the next person. I love how effortlessly chic they can look! I got this one from Primark about a year ago and I haven't looked back...other than when checking my hair. So denim is actually rather big this season, bigger than usual. Adding something like a denim shirt into an outfit will mean you're bang on trend without the hassle of everything else! You will be able to find a denim shirt in most shops luckily, but definitely look in Primark for a cheaper option! 

5. A lightweight jacket
As it is Spring you won't want your thick winter coats anymore, you will want something a little less warm. For me, this will be my H & M trench coat which I will be wearing quite a lot! It is thin enough to keep me cool, but thick enough to keep me warm - perfect! 

6. Some cute slippers - these ones are KG - Buy It Here!
Slippers...loafers - whatever you call them. These are brilliant for Spring, for just chucking with a skater skirt or some skinny jeans. Plus they are smart, so they will instantly make an outfit go from shabby to chic! I love the gold on them too, but it depends on what you have. Kurt Geiger have an amazing selection of slippers, but then so do cheaper alternatives such as Primark, H &M and more!

7. SOMETHING BRIGHT! Bloch shoes - Buy It Here!
I love a pop of colour to an outfit and these shoes are perfect! Again with the cobalt blue being huge, something this colour may be worth investing in. Whether it is a bright red bag or bright yellow shoes, it will brighten up a dull outfit in seconds!

8. Accessorise - LOTS!
If I am being super honest, my favourite thing about Spring and Summer is the fact I get to wear sunglasses. I love wearing them and am constantly collecting. With sunglasses, I like to invest in pairs which will last me a long time so a lot of mine are highend. But I do love a cheeky pair of Primark ones too! My main essentials for Spring would be; sunglasses, a black bag, a tan bag and bright rings! They all look fab and you can find them cheap EVERYWHERE! 

So I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have then please let me know so I can do more which are similar! 


  1. That sheer shirt is gorgeous! xo

  2. Love all the above! Especially monochrome skirt! And yes, I will kill myself in self-defense if this winter continues! It snowed here entire day, and they call this march??? Can wait to wear spring and summer outfits!

  3. Denim shirt & a Mac jacket are musts for me too - aaah I can't wait to fit back into my clothes xx

  4. That pastel blouse is a beaut!!!! Lovely post hun! You are ready for Spring :D xxx


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